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so… surprise?

In a year that brought along several severely unprecedented events, perhaps the most surprising of them all is me writing a new post on this blog.

It’s been over two years since I last dipped my toes into the world of blogging and books (as is very, very visible from the honestly childish theme of this entire website). I’m not even sure that anyone is going to read this post – I did drop off the face of the earth, as far as my fellow book bloggers are concerned. But my return is not without reason: I’ve come to make an announcement, should anyone care to hear it.

I’ve decided to try my hand at blogging again!

Cue raucous applause. (Except not really, because I’m literally just talking to myself.) My point is, I missed blogging, and I’m ready to start it all again, right from the beginning – but there’s a catch.

As I’ve mentioned several times by now, a lot of time has passed. My interests have changed, for one. I still love books as much as I did back then, but it is not the only thing I love – which is why my new blog will not be a books-only blog. I’ll be talking about anything and everything that interests me, articulated to the best of my abilities to make me sound much smarter than I actually am. I’m looking forward to sharing some of my original writing, too!

So, dear reader, if you’ve stuck with me to the end of this post: why not stick with me to my next? You can find me at dramaturgies, which is the snazzy new name I’ve chosen for myself. I can’t promise to be everything I was, but I can promise to be everything I want to be.

Going offline,
Aris ❤

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changes & the passing of time

you open up the website, constantly refreshing the page in hopes that something new will pop up. another notification, maybe. and soon enough, you see the little bell icon light up: someone interacted with something you wrote! a whole other, living person! and they liked it! this is what you tell yourself day after day, as the notifications rise slowly but steadily in number. you continue writing posts every week, inspiration coming in a steady flow from the infinite pool of appreciation you have for your followers. your heart swells with pride every time you say, “yes, i have a blog. i write,” and you think about how lucky you are to be able to do something you love and enjoy so much.

but there’s a catch: for every ten nice comments, there’s a nasty one. there’s always someone claiming to know better than you, someone looking to “fix” the way you think, someone wanting to point out all your mistakes. you’re lucky enough to get only a few of such comments, but each one that you get makes you reconsider everything you’re doing. you shake it off, marking the comments as spam and disregarding them as the results of some internet troll with nothing better to do. but there’s still a feeling of uneasiness which is hard to lose completely. 

over time, you lose interest in your writing. you start interacting less with other bloggers, you start spending more time with your friends, more time focusing on school and other projects, and you forget about your blog for a while. and you like it. you think to yourself, “maybe i should take a break from blogging, from the internet.” so you do. you promise to return, and you do that as well – with less enthusiasm than before, but you return nonetheless. it’s only a few weeks before another “break”. somehow, you’ve managed to turn writing – one of the only things you enjoyed doing – into nothing more than a chore. your friends are supporting, sending love and appreciation all throughout, but you can’t help but feel like you’ve let them down. so you force yourself to write more, to churn out as much content as possible, but it just isn’t the same. you find yourself wishing for the times when blogging was something you actively enjoyed. 

Long story short: people change, interests change, and I am a people with interests. Who has changed. (Something that hasn’t changed? My terrible sense of humour and inability to form proper sentences.) I’ve been discovering new things, and liking them – maybe even more than I like blogging now.

[cue dramatic gasp] Yeah, well. I started this blog because I wanted to talk about something I loved; books. And while I still love reading with a passion, it’s taken a bit of a backseat in my life. And I don’t want to force myself to write about something I don’t enjoy as much – that’s an uncomfortable experience for both me and the reader.

So here it is, in all its finality and boldness: I’m going to stop blogging.

I don’t really regret anything about my entire experience so far; I’ve made some amazing friends (hi you yes you I love you), I’ve learnt a lot (how to deal with ignorant pricks), and I’ve improved my writing! But I think I’m done with it, for now. All good things come to an end and all that fancy stuff.

Also, I’m trying this new thing called “loving myself” (sounds a bit weird, like an off-brand dishwasher soap), and it’s actually going pretty great so far? I’m learning how to put my own needs before other’s expectations of me, and while it’s hard, I’m having fun. I’m enjoying myself. You should try it! Do what you want to do because you want to do it, not because you should. (Damn, I could get paid to write those cheesy, motivational greeting cards.)

If you’ve managed to read so far into this post then please know that I love and appreciate you with all my being and you deserve all the good things in the world. (No, I’m not biased.) I still feel like I’m letting everyone down, but my dishwasher soap says that I should believe in myself. So that’s a thing we’re doing, I guess.

love, aris. 💞

(PS: This isn’t the end, it’s just a goodbye.)

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5 Mini ARC Reviews // Better Late Than Never!

Hello, fellow readers of the internet!

Recently (who am I kidding, these ARCs are from ages ago), I’ve been approved for loads of ARCs – and me, being the lazy person I am, read them all but didn’t write reviews. Oops.

This is a pretty diverse array of books, some of which I adored and some of which I found… meh. Thank you so much to Netgalley and the publishers for sending me these e-ARCs of all the books! 



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Books and Comics: LGBTQ+ Recommendations // HAPPY PRIDE!!

Hello, my fellow gays (and non-gays) of the internet!

After a long overdue (and completely unannounced) hiatus, I have returned to this dusty little corner of the internet. What better to celebrate this arrival than some amazing pride recs? I may have abandoned all of you (“all” meaning my three loyal supporters), but I come bearing gifts. And those gifts happen to be a list of books and comics that have LGBTQ+ characters in them. We love representation! 

‘Tis the month of June, and ’tis also the month of pride for us queer folks. After the Stonewall riots that took place in June, this month has been honoured by the LGBTQ+ community as a month to proud. So here are a bunch of beautiful works across different media, all of which contain ze gay in one way or another. I’ve tried to stick to things that involve the queer characters in a significant way, because we’ve all had enough of the funny gay best friend.

Prepare for a hella long post, with a word count of somewhere around 6500+. Told ya I’d make my return worth it.

Related image


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YA Book Tropes I LOVE // ft. me exposing myself for the true sap I am

Hello, people of the internet!

I’m a huge sap. (Shocker!!) Side effects of being a sap: there are some cliches or tropes that I will see in books over and over again, but NEVER get tired of seeing them. A while back, I actually talked about some of the cliches I hate – so I decided to be fair and write something about the tropes I love. (and expose myself for huge marshmallow I actually am.)

Ooh, and I’ll also mention some of my favourite books which have these tropes! I MUST FORCE EVERYONE TO READ THESE BOOKS. 

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I’M BACK!!! // life updates + plans for this blog

Hello, people of the internet!

I MISSED ALL OF YOU SO MUCH. I’m finally back after a pretty long hiatus, and BOY DO I FEEL AMAZING. My exams went great, my stress level reduced, my skin is clear, and my crops are flourishing. What more could I ask for?

This is going to be a fairly short post, basically some life updates (if you’re interested?) and what I want to do with this blog! I had some time to think about where I want it go, and while I won’t be making many major changes (I think they aren’t that major, at least), I’ll be shaking things up!

aLSO HAPPY LOVE, SIMON DAY. It still hasn’t released for me but oh, well. I’ll stick to playing the soundtrack on repeat until 23rd March. And re-reading the book. And crying. And munching Oreos to make myself feel better.

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The Rising Author Tag! // ft. embarrassing stories from my past + strange writing habits

Hello, fellow writers of the internet!

To be honest, I don’t think I’m a rising author. (I don’t think I’m a rising anything.) But by some strange twist of fate, I have been nominated for this amazing tag?? By TWO fabulous people, no less. I feel so,, blessed :’)) A GIGANTIC THANK YOU TO BOTH THE STORY SPONGE AND KATIE!!! go follow them pls they’re both great humans.

A word of caution: extreme levels of cringe up ahead. Do not proceed if you cannot handle the terrible writings of six-year-old Aris. You have been warned.

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Monthly Recap: January! // aka the longest month ever + the start of 2018

Hello, people of the internet!

The first month of 2018. It was nice!!! I read a bunch, and wrote a little but it’s ok because I had fun. Honestly though January was so slow??? (I still feel like it’s January 74th or something smh.)

Also I completed most of my goals!! Something I’m hella hyped about because I thought for sure it’d be a huge failure.

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The Ultimate Book Tag // my first collab (!!)

Hello, people of the internet!

Ah, books. I love them. So does the obsessed girl! And we’ve decided to team up for a collab – which will be my first ever!! I’m super excited for this, collabs are the best part of blogging tbh. She did the 20 Songs Tag over on her blog, it’s pretty funny :))

I’ll be doing the Ultimate Book Tag – it sounds pretty interesting and has to do with books so ?? it’s kind of a no-brainer.

(please let’s start this post already, the awkward intro is killing me)

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How To Make A Reader Mad // ft. me spilling all the bookworm secrets

.Hello, readers and non-readers of the internet!

Reading is an extremely dangerous hobby. I mean, not only do we have to deal with physical dangers (like walking into a wall, getting paper cuts, etc. etc.), we also have to cope with several emotional hazards. And I’m not just talking about feels from books – there are some things that Non-Readers™ say that really, really, hurts my feelings.

I’ll be delving into all the things you can say or do to make a reader extremely annoyed/mad: so bookworms, get ready to have all our secrets spilled. Normies, make careful notes so you can plot our downfall.

Image result for don't bother me gif
readers @ everyone else


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