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HELP! // i am so confused.

Hello, people of the internet!

This isn’t really a blog post, it’s more of a cry for help. I’m going through major aesthetics crisis. I’m stuck between keeping this theme and changing to another **classier** one.

While I love this theme and all of it’s cuteness and blueness (?), the widgets are really annoying and hard to manage – whenever I add pictures, it ends up looking really bad. I found another theme – that’s apparently quite popular amongst bloggers? – in which the widgets look awesome, and on a whole it just looks really neat and clean. So, I guess what I’m asking is: do I switch to a newer and neater theme, or do I stick with this one and keep my branding?

Here are some screenshots of what the new theme will look like, just for reference:

new theme 1.png

new theme 2.png

new theme 4.png

Thanks for helping! And sorry about the lack of a good post. I’ll be back in a couple days with actual posts, don’t worry. 🙂

going offline, aris



hi i'm aris just your everyday trashcan who fangirls over everything • fangirl • book blogger • reader • ravenclaw • indian • ambivert • i try to be cool but fail miserably

10 thoughts on “HELP! // i am so confused.

  1. Well I’m a bit biased since I use Nucleare myself, but NUCLEARE!!! Although — it’s a little harder to customize (there are less theme colore to choose from). I feel like this one really fits your personality, but cleanliness-wise, Nucleare is great!

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    1. Haha, I agree – Nucleare just gives a really **neat** feeling. After a lot of playing around with both themes, I decided that I’ll stick with this one. While Nucleare is great for a lot of blogs, I can’t customize much – like you said. Thanks for the feedback! 😀

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