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A trip to Vietnam + random stuff

If you couldn’t tell from the header and title, I’m on a trip to Vietnam. Currently I’m at the Delhi airport, and from here we’re going to Bangkok, then Hanoi. The big question: what the hell am I doing here?

So remember that post from wayyy back in February when I said I was doing this competition thingy called the World Scholar’s Cup? Weellllll, we’re sort of going for the global round of this competition, which is held in Hanoi, Vietnam. I’m gonna be super busy for around 4 days, but I’ll still post a little something everyday – just a rundown of the events of the day. I mean you guys probably won’t be interested but this blog is like my journal – I love writing down everything I’ve done as a momento?? Is that weird???

Anyways, like I said, I’m at the airport – with my friends Onyx and Anish. They’re currently annoying the eff out of me and reading this behind my back (yes i just said that deal with it.) But really though, they’re amazing and awesome friends 🙂


Okay so now its like 4:30 am and I’m in the Bangkok airport and I’m eating pizza and drinking coffee. Immigration is such a pain. Now we have to wait for like one more hour and then  board another flight to Hanoi – then we go to our hotel. Such work.


So we’re finally at the hotel! That was fu~un. Vietnam is the most beautiful, and greenest country I have ever seen. It’s so pretty – it’s almost like a picture book or movie. I’d add pictures but the wi-fi here is really slow. So.

The Random Stuff

  1. Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jonathan Groff’s friendship. That is my current point of obsession because they both are just the cutest and most adorable things ever and I die. If you didn’t know, Lin plays Alex Hamilton; and Groffsauce Jonathan plays King George (the most unlikely friendship ever, amirite?) I love the way they’re so cool with acting gay with each other?? Like it doesn’t matter what people think of them??? Idk I just love them so much.Image result for lin manuel miranda and jonathan groff gifs
  2. Camp NaNoWriMo. I’m participating!! Okay that was random.

Okay, okay I’m sorry that the post was so short – but I’m gonna be writing posts every day this week. I think. I’m not sure. Sorry~!

Let's chat

Have you ever participated in the World Scholar’s Cup? Or any global competition? Isn’t it amazing?? Do you like Lin-Manuel Miranda and Groffsauce as well?? Tell me everything.

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8 thoughts on “A trip to Vietnam + random stuff

  1. OH MY GOD THAT GIF IS AMAZING!!! I love how close ALL of the cast members are, honestly. ORIGINAL cast, I mean. Also I thought Hanoi was in China??? #oops And BANGKOK!!! WHERE THE REST OF MY FAM (excluding aunt, uncle, and cousin who are in ‘STRAYA) LIVES!!! Have fun in Vietnam and good luck!

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  2. That’s so cool!!!! (I’m just on vacation for tennis like a city away 🙄) Congrats on getting to this stage of the competition and good luck !!!!!!!!!!!!! (also that’s a very lit gif and i would die for the original cast :’) )


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