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WSC Vietnam (Day 2)

It’s not technically day 2 yet, because it’s the same day and all, but deal with it.

Hello, people of the internet!

I have been surviving on 20 minutes of sleep for around 30 hours? I kept randomly slipping into a daze between real life and dreamland. It was kind of unnerving, but I think that I slightly enjoyed it? Except not really because I had such awesome dreams that ended abruptly on cliffhangers. (Aris’ brain: rickrolling viewers since 2004.)

Currently it’s 9pm and I’m alone in our hotel room, frantically writing this post. I’m supposed to be sleeping.

Today was an awesome day: I told you about the morning in the previous post – pizza, coffee, all that. Then we went to our hotel, which is awesome! We have three rooms, each kid and their mother. It’s a pretty good system because usually we hang out in Onyx’s room while the adults are talking in mine.

OH AND AND AND ANDDD: I MET MORE HAMILFANS!! Onyx and I were sitting on these benches and we saw a group of children rapping and dancing to Hamilton – I was immediately like “oh my gods hamiltrash”. I wanted to go join them, but I was too shy (I recognized one of the girls, actually – Alexa Loste. She’s won many many awards at Yale and she also posts videos related to WSC and other vlogs (which are amazing: she’s smart, funny, a hamilfan and insanely good at singing?? is there anything bad about her???? anyways she’s awesome.) Also important note: Onyx has heard only a couple song from Hamilton but doesn’t like it that much (I think I put her off with my fangirling hehe). Anyways, she saw me watching them and she knows how much I love it – so she started urging me to go up and join them. I was still hesitant, though – but then they started singing/rapping Guns and Ships and I couldn’t stand it anymore. So I went up to them just as they were like “EVERYONE GIVE IT UP FOR AMERICA’S FAVORITE FIGHTING FRENCHMANN!!” and yelled “LAFAYETTE!!” and then they asked me who I was, where I was from, etc. etc. and I made three new friends!! (And Alexa was recording everything so I might be on her vlogs lol) We sang Satisified after that and we were so loud that Chauncey Lo (he’s AMAZING and a kind of celebrity at WSC) came over to tell us to be quiet. (But he also said that Hamilton was awesome and he loved it too.)

Umm so I think that’s it?? Sorry for being boring and not posting much else, lol. But I’ll be back soon enough~ (cue king george)

going offline, aris

P.S: I just realized that I forgot to publish this yesterday because I’m #forgetful. Sorry! anyways here it is



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12 thoughts on “WSC Vietnam (Day 2)

  1. Dude I would never be brave enough to go up to those HamilFans. LIKE NO. I CAN’T. But omg if I one day were to ever meet an interent friend who’s Hamiltrash, they would say EVERYONE GIVE IT UP FOR AMERICA’S FAVORITE FIGHTING FRENCH MAAAAAAN and then I’d say LAFAYETTE (what you did basically lol) because LAFAYETTE IS MY SMOL CHILD AND I LOVE HIM SO MUCH AAAGGHH ❤ *flops over* Okay I'm dead now.

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    1. The only reasons I went was because onyx would never let me live it down, and because lafayette. AND WHAT YOU SAID IS VERY ACCURATE AND I AGREE WITH ALL OF MY HEART. LAFAYETTE IS JUST SO UNDENIABLY LAFAYETTE IT HURTS MY HEART. *dies along with you*

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