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WSC Vietnam (Day 3)

Hello my dear internet friends

So today was AMAZING (I feel like I’m saying that for every day) because I met more hamiltrash??? Dear god I’m in love with this competition. So basically we had this opening ceremony in the morning which was really good and nice and Dan almost made me cry because he’s smol and sweet ™ and Burch is just plain pwaasome

Image result for daniel berdichevsky and burch wang
burch is on the left and daniel is the one on right

There’s that. And then we had the Scholar’s Scavenge: they placed us in groups of fifteen with people we didn’t know (so we could get to know more people). Our groups were named after countries (but for some reason there was one called texas??) – I was in Libya, but I saw some people holding up Narnia/Mordor/Vulcan flags which was awesome.

I made some pretty good friends – from all over the globe. A girl from Vietnam, a girl from China, a British guy who lived in Thailand, and one of my favorites: a guy who was born in India, went to Dubai for boarding school, and currently stays in Hong Kong. He also knows 7 languages and loves Snapchat. (Amazing how you can learn these things about people by just spending a few hours with them, no?)

The hunt was in Bao Son Paradise Park, a.k.a “Happy Land.”


So those are a few pictures of the place. Here are some of the things we had to do for the Scavenge (and more proof why the WSC team is amazing):




I don’t really want to add all the pictures here, so you can just check my instagram for more if you want 🙂  (you satisfied now, may?)

I guess that’s it?? I need to go study with onyx right now for the debate and essay writing and challenge tomorrow (overkill much)

Anyways sorry for this really crappy post with more pictures than words

Talk to you guys tomorrow~

going offline, aris



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