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WSC Vietnam (Day 4)

Hello you wonderful citizens of the internet!

Today was the busiest and most nerve-wracking day of them all. I am so glad it’s finally over. But it was really fun and energetic, too. 🙂

So we got up at like 5:30 and went for breakfast at around 6:00. The bus took us to one of the schools in Vietnam, where the different events throughout the day would take place. We were in T36 Penguin, which meant that we were at the primary school and had our debates first.

The first event for everyone was the Scholar’s Challenge: it’s basically a multiple-choice test with really hard questions. But since this is the WSC, there’s a slight alpaca-twist: you know when you’re stuck between A and B and want to choose both but you can’t? Well in this test you can. You can pick more than one option, and you’ll get points if they’re right! Of course, you’ll get less points – but it’s better than nothing. 

After that, we sat around for a while until they gave us our debate schedules: they basically tell us which rooms to go to for our debates. For our first debate, the topic was “Schools should do more to teach students how to fail“. That would have been really easy if we were affirmative, but unfortunately we were placed on the negative side. I think all of us had quite strong points (comment if you want to read my debates, I still have them written down), but the other team won. For our second debate, the topic was, “We should have the power to give our memories to other people.” We lollipopped (that’s what we call it when we lose) that one, too – but that’s fine. We learn from our failures (see first debate). We won the last one, though: the topic was “That the world makes more sense if we accept that curses are real.” We were negative for this topic, and we mentioned stuff about how the only reason people believe curses to be magical and supernatural are because of self-fulfilling prophecies. (Sorry, I won’t go all nerdy on you now.)

After that we had lunch. It was good.

Then we got bored in the heat for like an hour because they had to set everything up for the collaborative writing thing. When it was done, we got there quite early and scored some good seats. 😀 For collaborative writing, each team is given a list of six topics: each of them has to pick one, and write an essay for or against that topic. It’s like debating, but with the power of your pen. We get half an hour research time, where we can discuss with team and have internet access – then we have one hour individual writing time. Lastly, there’s 15 minutes for us to discuss with our team and go over our essays once again.

The topic I picked was “The Greek gods would have benefited from Twitter.” I chose to go against, because imagine all the flame wars and rude mentions and weird selfies there would be. The Greek gods + Twitter = Doomsday. Onyx picked the topic “It would be good if everyone woke up in a different body every day.” Yes, the topic is adapted from David Levithan’s novel, Every Day. It was one of our selected readings. She went for the motion. My other teammate picked the topic “An ugly truth is better than a nice lie.” He went for the motion.

And… yeah! I guess that was basically it for today?? I had so much fun! If any of you have the WSC at your schools, you should definitely give it a chance.

Oh and and and: I had this idea for a tag?? Like if you want, you can write a blog post about any of the above highlighted topics. Then, you can tag any other bloggers you want to do the challenge, and even add a couple of your own topics! 🙂

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