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Things book lovers do better than anyone else

Hello, bookworms of the internet!

Now, it’s no secret that bookworms are superior creatures that are blessed with many, many talents (like the ability to enjoy reading). Normally, you won’t notice these talents. Of course we’re not going to go around bragging about our ability to identify all cheap bookstores within a five-mile radius. But there are, without a doubt talents that all bookworms possess. Here’s a reminder of what they are.

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Notice every single difference between the book and movie

Even if we like the adaptation (HAHAHAHAHA), we’re probably too busy taking intense mental notes of every single line, setting, and scene to actually appreciate it. Don’t watch Game of Thrones with me, not unless you want to hear my very lengthy opinions on the changes to the Dorne story line. ALSO CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE PERCY JACKSON MOVIES??? AND THE HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON MOVIES??? THEY’RE ALL DISGRACES TO THE NAME.


Pull all-nighters. ALL THE TIME.

Do you really expect me to put down this book NOW??? When this character has just died and everyone is panicking?? When they’re about to go on a huge heist and everyone’s life is on the line? When they’re just about to KISS????

I am not about to let a *little* thing like sleep deprivation (pssshhh, what even is sleep?) get in the way of my reading.

every bookworm ever


Concentrate while on a moving vehicle.

You know how people get motion sickness by just being in a train/bus/plane/car? Yeah, most bookworms don’t face this problem because, uh, reading. So what if we miss a stop every once in a while? Book-lovers are excellent at shutting out the so-called “real world.” We might prefer peace and quiet, but in a pinch we can read just about anywhere (which also makes us excellent at avoiding eye contact with strangers).



Even if we aren’t actively reading, we’re thinking about the book. Or other things. It’s hard to read a lot and not become a creative and imaginative person. Especially for people who love fiction (AKA ME) – all that beautiful literature gives our minds the fuel it needs to stay alive through a long, boring lecture. You could just daydream about being married to Augustus Waters!

Image result for daydreaming gif
hands up if you love ariel!


Follow two (or five) plots at once.

Some bookworms are strictly one at a time readers – but most of us have no problem dropping of a book in the middle, read another book, then come back to old without a hitch. I do this all the time. Sometimes you just feel tired of a book and want something fresh, y’know? And once you take a break and come back to it later, you usually enjoy it more. Or maybe it’s just me.

You also need different books for different places: I for example, am alternating between three books right now: The Scorpio Races (it’s a paperback, so when I’m in school), Beautiful Broken Things (I’m reading this online), and A Game of Thrones (it’s on my kindle). I NEED READING MATERIAL EVERYWHERE, OKAY?


Balance books in very awkward/weird positions.

Of course, any bookworm would prefer to sit in a cozy armchair by a warm fire, or in picturesque park under a cherry tree. But we can’t always do that. Because life. So we have to make do. We’re all very good at balancing books while eating, cooking, exercising, brushing our teeth, dancing*, and all the other annoying things that are necessary for this thing called “life”.

Image result for balancing books in weird positions gif

*This is for you, May! Another reason to add to why dancers and bookworms are similar. 


Applying books to real life situations.

It’s really hard being a bookworm, sometimes – like the moments when you want to explain how George R. R. Martin, or V.E. Schwaab perfectly encapsulates your feelings about a particular political issue/major news. But NO ONE GETS IT. AND THEY JUST LOOK AT YOU LIKE YOU’RE STUPID. I’M NOT STUPID!


Find the perfect reading spot.

I mentioned above how bookworms love cozy reading spots. Well, we’re really good at finding them, too! Everywhere we go, we’re low-key checking out benches, coffee shops, and parks for the best places to read. Add a cup of hot chocolate and a cat, and we’ve reached maximum reading comfort!

Image result for comfortable reading spots gif


Walk and read.

Okay, yes, this is dangerous, but who even cares?? If I die while crossing the road and reading, at least I’ll die reading. GIVE ME BOOKS OR GIVE ME DEATH.

Note: I’m kidding. Or am I? Do NOT attempt to cross the road with a book in your hand. Even normal reading-while-walking should only be attempted by the elite few who have lots of practice.



Not every bookworm is good at writing, or enjoys writing – but most readers just tend to be better writers. When you read lots of genres, and different writing styles, it just gives you a good sense of imagery, dialogue, and where to put commas.

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Fall madly in love with fictional characters.

Okay, so maybe this isn’t a talent… BUT BOOKWORMS DO IT BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE.  Literary crushes are intoxicating, because the reader has total control over imagining what their dream date looks like, how they wear their hair, how they smell, and so on. Step aside, people crushing on TV characters. Or boy bands.

Image result for crushes on fictional characters gif
sometimes you have to accept a harsh truth.


Finding creative book storage solutions.

Shelves fill up reeeaaaalllyyyyyyy fast. I have books everywhere in my room, and this is with two bookshelves. I don’t even know how. Or where these books came from. But the issue at hand is thinking of where to put them. Like, under the bed, or behind books that are already in the shelf (double-shelving is a thing).

man, i wish i had a magic cauldron full of books.



I mean, duh. We’re bookworms, after all. But no one seems to understand how amazing we are at reading! Reading a book is an art. You have to understand what you read, not just scream. Not everyone is good at translating random marks on a page into thrilling adventures. After all, a book is only as good as the reader wants it to be.

(Man that went deep.)

Let's chat

Do YOU love reading?? What other talents (other than being generally fabulous) do you think bookworms possess? Which of these do you think apply to you? Do you randomly put down a book and start reading another one, only to come back to the first one??? DO YOU LIKE CATS???????

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41 thoughts on “Things book lovers do better than anyone else

  1. AHAHAHA THANK YOU FOR SHARING MY POST! 💕 I strive to be the level of flexible in that gif. And haha, we may be good at finding reading SPOTS, but reading POSITIONS??? Nope. But yes, I read in the car! Sometimes my head hurts, or sometimes I’m too tired to focus on the page, buuuuut most of the time I can read in moving vehicles. And omg I once or twice read a book while crossing the street. I MEAN. I SAW OUT OF MY PERIPHERAL VISION THAT THERE WERE NO CARS SO IT WAS FINE???

    Liked by 1 person

    1. IT WAS AN AWESOME POST ❤ You'll reach it soon enough, hopefully 🙂 AND YES IKR IT'S SO HARD FINDING A COMFORTABLE SPOT TO READ??? Yeah, reading in the car is better than listening to old songs on the radio. OH MY GODS DON'T DO THAT AGAIN IT IS DANGEROUS YOU BEAN.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. YES! I do all of these! I read in the car all the time, I do the splitz when I feel like it while reading, I’m currently reading 7 books at once, and all of this is just so true asfgjlktlrkjl

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes yes yes to all of these!! Except for the travelling one (unless audiobooks count) because I do get super carsick if I’m reading (so annoying).
    But the reading and walking is totally accurate! When I was in elementary school, my teachers used to yell at me for reading while we were walking in line down the hallway, saying I’d trip. But I just told them that I was good at doing it…. they were not happy about that.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Love this! Although the reading in the car thing I’ve never been able to do! I guess I’m pretty sensitive when it comes to motion sickness. I watched Dunkirk last weekend and couldn’t wait til it was over because I was feeling so sick from watching it! 😫

    Liked by 1 person

  5. When you said “Can we talk about the Percy Jackson movies?” did you actually mean “Can we talk about the Percy Jackson movies?”? Because we can talk about the Percy Jackson movies FOREVER. Seriously. I don’t remember a lot about the first one. I watched it so long ago and sort of blocked it out of my mind. But Sea of Monsters??? After we watched it my sister and I were thinking through the whole movie and we couldn’t think of a SINGLE scene that was actually from the book. And what was with Kronos coming back at the end?!?!
    And yes, even when I LIKE an adaption, I’m like, “In the book there’s this random nameless side character who passes them on the street wearing a green hat and holding a bag of groceries IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING.” Or “In the book he says ‘Yeah, ok’ not ‘Yeah, sure.'” And my family smacks me with couch cushions and tells me to shut up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES I KNOW RIGHT?? They screwed up the *whole* thing! The actors aren’t even similar to the original book characters (except maybe Logan Lerman). And I hated the Sea of Monsters movie so much?? They didn’t even have the guinea pig scene! DISGRACE.
      Yep, same story here. We were all watching the Hobbit and I kept butting in with annoying statements of how “Bilbo wouldn’t do that!” or “Why the hell is Frodo here?” and it annoyed everyone to no end 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh my gosh awesome post!!! Yes yes yes yes and yessss!!! I didn’t go to sleep til five in the morning the other day because of a book… but an all-nighter I could never do, because, well, the next day I’d be too tired to read any more, and that would be sad. XD Awesome post, Aris!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I am a huge bookworm and most of the attributes you list apply to me. But I draw the line at reading in a moving vehicle. I get super motion sick. It is so bad I can’t even read Google maps when I am in a moving car because I will get nauseous in a heart beat. I am also not that great at reading multiple books at a time. I like to commit to one. I am impressed with your Game of Thrones reading. I am somewhere in the first third of book 3 and kind of slacked off about a year ago and haven’t picked it back up. I definitely stay up way too late reading which I am learning gets harder to do as you get older. What do you do when you start a book and realize it’s not your cup of tea? Do you finish it anyways or drop it like a hot potato?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, it sucks that you get motion sick 😦 I used to get super sick in cars when I was younger, but that doesn’t happen anymore. All bookworms are different, after all 🙂
      And ha ha, I think the reason I like reading many books at the same is because I’m very hyperactive xD I can’t pay attention to one thing for a very long time.
      Actually, I started reading A Song of Ice and Fire sometime last year, but I didn’t understand much and got bored – so I left it off. Now, with all the drama surrounding season 7 (and with so many friends who love GoT) I decided to give it another shot! And I *love* it. Very, very much. 🙂
      I try to sleep early, but it just doesn’t work sometimes. I’ll tell myself, “okay, after this chapter, I’m going to bed” but I never listen xD
      If I don’t like a book, I’ll usually drop it off – because there’s no point in reading something I won’t enjoy. I might come back to it later, though. What about you?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t think I have ever gone back to a book I dropped off of but there is a growing pile of them next to my bed. They stay there and collect dust in the off chance that I become trapped in my room and have absolutely nothing else to do but read them! Haha! And I rarely ever read the same book again. Do you?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh, one of my friends does that all the time xD I usually love re-reading books, but I hardly read it start to finish. Only the parts I enjoyed. Recently, though, I’ve started reading more new books than old. 🙂


  8. OMG THIS POST IS TOO RELATABLE. LIKE IT”S ACTUALLY SCARY HOW MUCH I AGREE WITH THESE THINGS!!!! Also, I feel the need to point out that we have exceptionally strong backs after carrying around 10 or so books in our backpack all the time =) I take immense pride in my ability to fit 15 books into my tiny backpack, then not collapse on the walk to school 😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Haha DAYDREAMING Since I started reading, I spent more time in my mind creating fanfiction about books than in the real life. I used to do it all the time, creating more and more elaborate stories in my head. I do it sometimes now too but this is definitely a major perk of being a bookworm for me.

    Liked by 2 people

  10. I totally agree with this. I love the Percy Jackson series soooo much and the movie is just a disgrace. God. I cannot express how much they ruined the series. I know that if the movie was done really good, it would have had the potential as big as Harry Potter but they ruined it :—(

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, right?? I was so excited for the movie! But it was a massive fail. Did you hear about that TV show that Disney is working on, though? I think they’re planning on converting viria’s artwork into a Heroes of Olympus TV show 😀 And, there’s always the Lightning Thief musical!


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