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Monthly Wrap-up for September!

Hello, people of the internet!

September was a busy month. I had my midterms, I had a couple parties to attend, I made new online friends (and apparently I live in the same city as some of them!), I got like three more plot bunnies, and I wrote a lot.

It was fun! And because I did so much interesting stuff, I’m going to put it all together in a blog post. 😀

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i mean i wasn’t *this* busy but who can resist a spongebob gif?

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I had midterms so I didn’t really get to read many new books 😦 I re-read loads of books, though! These are the new ones I read:

Image result for lord of shadows      Image result for the shadowhunter codex

Yeah, it was mostly Shadowhunters stuff xD These are the ones I re-read:

Related image     Related image      f2cf59dda6ce91c2934dade18470700a.jpg

Image result for aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe cover    Image result for be more chill book cover      Related image

Yeah ha ha I re-read a bunch of books this month xD If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like re-reading, I suggest you head over to this post, and see why it’s actually a good idea to re-read books. 🙂 #self-promo

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favourite book of the month?

well, seeing as I read only two, I’m going to go with Lord of Shadows. Definitely Lord of Shadows.

least favourite book of the month?

there’s only one other book, and I did find it a little boring, so… The Shadowhunter’s codex?

favourite fanfiction of the month?

oh, there are so many.

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  • I started so many amazing TV shows! I haven’t watched a show *with passion* since Riverdale, so it was awesome to actually get back into TV.
  • Rain told me about Supernatural, and said it was reallyyyy good – so obviously, I had to watch it. I blame her for my new obsession. (JUST KIDDING LOVE YOUUUU)
  • I started Voltron after seeing endless Keith x Lance edits on my tumblr dash AND OH MY GODS IT’S SO GOOD?? I was a bit apprehensive at first because apparently there are flying mechanical lions but it’s amazingggg. 
  • And  Shadowhunters  is great, too!! I mean, it’s nothing like the books, but I appreciate it as it’s own stand-alone show. I LOVE IT THOUGH SERIOUSLY.
Image result for late at night on laptop gif
me while watching all these shows
  • I listened to loads of great music, too! I spent ages scouring for playlists related to books I’d read, or ships I’d loved – and these playlists introduced me to such wonderful bands and singers 🙂
  • MARIANAS TRENCH.  No, I’m not talking about the Pacific Ocean – I mean the band. This is definitely my new favourite band. Their music is such a refreshing break from all the trashy pop music that everyone seems to like nowadays?? If you haven’t heard of them, I suggest you start out by listening to Haven’t Had Enough or Desperate Measures. (I LOVE THEM SO MUCH ❤ )
  • I also love  Amber Run!  I discovered them through “I Found” (such a good song omg) and then spent the rest of my day listening and re-listening to their album, 5 AM.
  • So, yeah. Great month for music and shows 🙂

Image result for listening to music gif

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favourite song of the month?

Ooh, tough choice. Probably Desperate Measures by Marianas Trench.

favourite show of the month?

Definitely Shadowhunters. It was so amazing seeing all these characters I knew from the books come to life on the screen! Granted, they weren’t perfect, but they still looked like the characters.

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  • 4 posts
  • 227 visitors
  • I mean, I’d say these are pretty good, because I had like 4 posts… I was on hiatus, after all. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  •  I got more views and visitors than last month, but less likes and comments – probably because of a lack of posts?
  • I posted something which is probably my most controversial post of all time: what dog-earers would like to say to people who use bookmarks. This was kind of tough to post because there so few people who dog-ear their books?? But I liked it 🙂
  • I also reached 200 followers!! Much happiness!! (And shock!!)

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top posts of the month?

headers  headers (3)

favourite post of the month?


other amazing posts

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  • It was actually a pretty productive month for my writing!! I got a bunch of plot bunnies which I am so!! excited!! about!!

Image result for excited  gif

  • I’m not going to reveal too much because spoilers
  • I haven’t actually told anyone else about these because I’m very #secretive but I will be telling y’all because!! why not!!

 if you steal any of these i will literally eat you. 

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the end of the universe

(morbid, i know.)

the end of the universe summary.PNG

The description is still a rough draft!! I suck at summaries 😦 But that (^^) is basically the premise of the whole plot.

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of monsters and men

(not!! the band!!)

  • no description because i suck
  • so there are two siblings, carmen and alix (alix is adopted and i love him so much)
  • they meet some random guy called zhoe who’s a ‘cambion’ a.k.a. half demon, half human (hence the title)
  • he (zhoe) goes around killing any demons he finds because he’s nice like that (also because he feels kind of guilty and bad about his dad)
  • then he meets alix and realizes that he’s a cambion too (because all demon spawn have literal black irises)
  • and then stuff happens

Image result for that's helpful gif

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the one with the birds

i’m so creative haha.

  • this doesn’t have a title yet because i can’t think of anything
  • so basically this is another part human part something else idea except instead of demons we have birds!! (betcha didn’t see that coming.)
  • millions of years ago (like actual millions not exaggerating) pterodactyls evolved into this weird creature with legs (ew humans.) but they still had wings?? weird.
  • avians (also called kinaras) are a pretty tightly knit society and have a bunch of strict laws (so original i am)
  • this guy called brenden apparently broke a couple of those laws – and his punishment was having his wings removed, memory wiped, and being sent to live with humans (like i said above, ew humans.)
  • but then his friend zhoe (I HAVE AN OBSESSION WITH THIS NAME OK LET ME LIVE) finds him and bren remembers some stuff
  • i have no clue where i’m going with this tbh  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Image result for i have no clue what i'm doing gif

arrow divider so those were my precious plot bunnies!! hopefully they don’t suck (completely).

oh wait here’s a poll you need to take to help me ok thanks.

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  • I HAD MIDTERMS. but they’re over and I survived them!!
  • I didn’t get very good grades :/ but my English marks were highest in class so BOOYAH @SANYA
  • I bought like a bajillion books and will be uploading a book haul soon 🙂
  • Two of my online friends apparently live in the same city as me??? So I’m planning to meet up with them both, soon!!
  • I’m going to Comic Con in December (yes, okay, it’s a bit early to be excited, but i need to prep for my cosplay!!)

Image result for happy dance gif

  • also remember that world scholar’s cup thing i mentioned a few hundred posts ago?? my team and i reached the final round which means we’re going to YALE and BOSTON and NEW YORK and tbfh i’m so excited but we have to study so much (and debate) (and write) and it’s exhausting 
  • i made an art book!! it has like 15 drawings and they don’t suck but it’s too much to put into this post so tell me if you’d like an entire post with just my artwork?? it’s mostly fanart of books anyway ha ha

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  • exhausting, but productive! i got a lot of work done (i’ve read 113 out of the 150 books i’m meant to read this year) 😀
  • I have sooo many books to read next month! (Spoiler: my friend Rain and I are going to buddy read a book together and write a joint review)
  • if the poll works out the way i hope it does then i’ll have a novel that i’m actually excited about!!

Let's chat

How was YOUR September? What books did you read? Did you get any writing done? Any new plot bunnies? (Speaking of, which one do you think I should write???) ALSO ARE YOU EXCITED FOR SPOOPY SEASON BECAUSE I SURE AM.

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18 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-up for September!

  1. Awww thanks so much for featuring my post! The Cake Book Tag was a lot of fun to do! It looks like you’ve had a productive month! 🙂 September was exhausting for me too as well! I am trying to get caught up on four reviews that are sitting in my drafts right now. Gotta schedule them for the next few weeks!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oooo you definitely had a great bookish month! Sooo many Shadowhuntery books! ❤ Anyway, hope your October is even better. Happy reading!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. DUDE I AM SOOOO EXCITED FOR SPOOPY SEASON. MY SEPTEMBER WAS GREAT and I read so many books and I learned dark magic. (Hence reading lots of books.) I read Girls Made of Snow and Glass, Starfish, and a bunch more that I forget!

    *coughs* yes I totally got writing done.

    Also it’s so cool that you’re meeting up with others in your city! I’d be too nervous to meet up with people tbh!

    Liked by 1 person


    also?? all those plot bunnies sound AWESOME?? also you lucky child your plot bunnies actually have PLOTS *glares at my so-called plot bunnies*

    and omg you’re meeting up with internet friends??? THAT’S AMAZING I WISH I COULD DO THAT. alas, no one lives in hot conservative texas. :’)


    Liked by 1 person


    thanks!! ha ha your plot bunnies are pretty great also you just need to give it some,, time

    I KNOW IT DOESN’T EVEN FEEL REAL TBH. oh that sucks ;-;


    Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh wow I love your post!!!
    And?? You’re like the first bookworm I’ve seen that admits to reading fanfiction?? ALL THE YES!!!! I love fanfiction and there are some really GOOD ones out there!!
    I LOVE VOLTRON!!! And I started watching it for the exact same reason as you! THE ARTIST OF THE FANDOM ARE SO INCREDIBLY TALENTED!! (Ok I haven’t watched season 3 yet but I can’t wait for season 4 this month!!)
    All of your plot bunnies sound amazing! And the name Zohe sounds so mysterious? And looks intriguing?? I really like it omg.
    And I’m so ready for Halloween!! Spoopy season is best season. I am so in the spooky mood already.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Ahh thank you!!
    REALLY WOW. Fanfiction is so great I love it ❤ ❤
    OMG THAT'S AWESOME. I'm still on season 1, haha, so no spoilers xD
    Thank you!! 'Zhoe' actually came to me in a dream xD I know a lot of people say that, but this time, it's the truth!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. HOW MANY CENTURIES HAVE PASSED???? WHERE AM I??!?!?!??! 😱😱😱 oh, GODDD!!! I am SUCH a lazy person! Gaahhhhh!!! I have been meaning to catch up on all your posts for sometime but THE TIMING…..😠 FUCK THE TIMING. 😐 I am here now and THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS! 😁

    Soooo, you loved Spn?!?!?! 😍😍😍 GREAT! MY INTENTION EXACTLY!! 😂 And honey, I love you toooooo!!!! 😂😂 I am just a bit late, that’s all. And heyyy, do excuse me for my slacking emails??? 😢

    Liked by 1 person

  9. WELCOME BACK RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t sweat it, you are here and I am happy so everything! is! fine! 😀 😀

    YEEEESSSSSSS IT WAS SOOO GOOOD. But I’ve put it on hold for a while because studying (eughhhh) 😦 😦 bUT I PLAN ON GETTING BACK TO IT ON 16th NOVEMBER, WITHOUT FAIL! 😀


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