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YA Book Tropes That Are So, So Annoying // please be more original

Hello, fellow bookworms of the internet!

Originality is rare. There are so many books in the world; obviously they’ll have some overlapping features. But you know those things that make you SO FLIPPING MAD every time you see it in a book?? Because you’ve seen it SO MANY FLIPPING TIMES??

I’ll be talking about the cliches which I HATE*. Also, just to be clear, I’m not saying that each and every example of such a trope is terrible. Some books pull it off wonderfully! But others,, don’t. And because it’s more fun to roast things, I’m discussing the bad parts. (I’m so shady.)

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*make that “strongly dislike”. hate is a very strong word and I am not a hateful person!! I am a ferocious tiger!!! sorry for clickbait.


love triangles

Look, this was the most obvious one. When executed properly, (like Cassandra Clare’s books) they’re GREAT. Love ’em. But when they’re shoved into a book for no particular reason?? UGH. NO.

When I’m reading fantasy, I want the action and the magic and the “fantasy” elements. Do you know how annoying it is to be reading a fight scene and then suddenly two guys just start fighting over being the first to save a girl?? It’s so CLICHED and EXAGGERATED aghhhhh.

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As we’re talking about common tropes, let’s discuss the most overdone form of a love triangle:

whoaaa we’re getting into Complicated Stuff right here

do you see how this is wrong?? for SO MANY reasons??? For starters, if the nice guy really was the girl’s best friend, then he wouldn’t interfere in her love life. (Probably.) THIS IS NOT REALISTIC, OKAY.

ugh I’m done with this trope.

original (1)

disappearing parents.PNG

Let’s set the scene: a bunch of kids find out about a mysterious secret world that they are somehow a part of. They go on a mission to figure out some stuff and also hopefully defeat the bad guy. They’re away from home for multiple weeks. When they come back, their parents don’t say a thing.

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?? My mom gets panicky when I’m out after 9:00 pm, and you expect me to believe that these parents literally don’t even know that their kids are gone??? I mean, yeah, there are some parents who are like that – but not all. Most would probably be calling the cops if their kid didn’t come home for days!

Image result for panicking parents gif

This trope isn’t that common but I do see it from time to time?? AND IT ANNOYS ME SO MUCH.

(Also you should read the Secret Series it’s great and extremely realistic the parents in it actually act like parents.)

original (1)

insta love

This was probably expected – I am very vocal about the fact that I DESPISE insta-love in books. Like with all the other tropes, its 1) not realistic AT ALL and 2) so overdone its not even funny??

For a relationship to bloom (??) you need time. Love takes time. (Which is what insta-love fails to understand.) You don’t just fall in love with someone as soon as you see them! That’s not love, that’s thinking that they’re hot!!

Image result for it's too cliche gif

Mostly what happens (according to me): our main girl character meets a random dude. She then goes back to her best friend and fangirls all about him. The main girl ends up saying “I love you” to the random dude in like two days, when actually there’s more chemistry between her and her best friend?? I do not comprehend these heteros.

original (1)

forced diversity

Diversity in books is awesome! I love it, there should be more, give me all them diverse books. But there is a problem: when books try to force diversity into their books to attempt to seem “in trend”.

Sometimes, authors just shove in extra characters who come from a different background (say, India) just so they can claim that it’s diverse. But then the character is hardly developed any further. I can even think about an example from a TV show! In Riverdale, Kevin is literally just there to Be Gay. That’s it. And it’s so. annoying.

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In my opinion, no diversity is much better than forced diversity! Readers look forward to diverse books because it gives them a chance to see themselves in what they read: that’s not possible when the representation is completely off!

Now, this isn’t really a recurring trope? It’s not even a trope. But it’s something I really, really hate in books. (Also May wrote a great post entirely about this which you should go read now.)

original (1)

perfect guy

We all know this one: that one really good-looking, hunky, so called “perfect” character in the book. It’s usually the one that the main character is lusting after – or maybe they are the main character! Wow!!

The main reason this gets on my nerves? The lack of variation in body types. NORMAL PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE EIGHT PACKS! (Unless they’re like Harrison Ford or something.) And the characters in these books are usually teenagers – where in the hell would they get time to study, keep up with classwork, do extra-curriculars because they’re “quirky”, AND maintain a figure??

Related image

Look, all I’m asking for is representation in body types. I think that’s fair?? There are lots of different types of people, with different types of bodies – media should showcase more of this, okay?

(Also how is it possible that they are not plagued by skin problems and don’t wear make up?? These are TEENAGERS. Where is reality??)

original (1)



Every single scene in which the main characters go outside in a contemporary novel, tHERE IS NO MENTION OF BUGS. (Not in every book, but most.) Picture our protagonist and their love interest going to an open field, grassy and beautiful and perfect, staring up at the sky. It’s sweet and romantic, I know – but also where the hell are the bugs??

Image result for bugs everywhere gif
this is what life is like ok??

If this was in real life, they would most definitely have bugs crawling all over them. (I speak from experience.) Like, girl, you ain’t fooling me – I know your legs are getting eaten alive by ants! Why is it so hard to mention these simple things in books???

original (1)

ugly character.PNG

For this character (usually a girl, but it can go either way), they are the most hideous creature on the planet. They constantly stare at themselves in the mirror and groan at their “terrible” looks, they complain to their friends, and basically anyone who will listen.

bUT THEN IT ALL CHANGES. They meet their love interest, are shocked that anyone actually likes them, but then rolls with it and learns to accept that they are in fact beautiful.

Image result for that's just stupid gif

There’s nothing wrong with this at first glance (lots of people have low self-esteem, and sometimes need a boost of love to help them feel better) but it’s so overdone?? I’ve seen it loads of books and I just want to SCREAM when it happens.


original (1)


You can’t just pigeonhole people into being evil! Heritage or class isn’t what makes someone “bad”, or the “villain”; it’s their motives and thoughts that do. So when books just classify characters as evil because they’re associated with someone that is, I feel like slamming my head on the wall. (Or maybe something slightly less violent.)

Related image

Example: when people immediately assume that all Slytherins are evil, simply because they’re Slytherins. I’m sorry, bUT EXCUSE YOU. To be a Slytherin means to be ambitious and willing to do anything to reach your goal. IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU’RE EVIL. (Harry was almost a Slytherin, too?? Don’t forget that???)


Also, in the real world, people are hardly labeled as good or bad. Like everything, they’re in shades of grey: which is what most books should portray. (And lots do. It’s just some that have these tropes.)

shall we chat

What’s the thing about books that annoys YOU the most?? Do you agree that authors need to tone it down with the cliches? Can you think of any books with these tropes that actually aren’t that bad??? (I need to read them!)

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hi i'm aris just your everyday trashcan who fangirls over everything • book blogger • reader • ravenclaw • indian • ambivert • i try to be cool but fail miserably

33 thoughts on “YA Book Tropes That Are So, So Annoying // please be more original

  1. Oh, you’ve got so many of the worst tropes in the world! Insta-love, love triangles, perfect body mass, ergh….so annoying.
    I’m so sick and tired of all these incredibly fit characters. Like how? I’m basically hobbit. No way I’m suddenly turning Shadowhunter/Tribute overnight. How does any character do that???

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  2. I mosty hate these too. The only case where I ditched my hate for insta-love was in Strange The Dreamer because the insta-love romance in that IS TO DIE FOR AND THE ONLY CASE WHERE I AM TRASH FOR THE INSTA LOVE SHIP ITS SO BEAUTIFUL AND MAGICAL AND MY POOR SWEET SARAI AND SMOL LAZLO. EVERYONE IS SO SMOL.

    okayyyy so back to the actual comment. I’ve never thought about bugs before? But I think authors think they are “inconvenient” and also like periods or needing to go to the toilet while saving the world?? is?? never mentioned. like, bruh, THIS IS UNREALISTIC AS HECK. DO YOU NEED TO USE THE LOO? are you not…human? AND EATING AS WELL. Half the time these people starve?? LIKE DUDE I NEED FOOD EVERY SECOND.

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  3. Aah I totally agree with everything you say here! Insta-love is the worst, it’s so irritating when characters don’t seem to be able to tell the difference between being in madly in love with someone and just simply having a crush on them? And don’t even get me started on love triangles. I hate it when I’m reading a fantasy or sci-fi story and the world is about to be destroyed or something… and all the two main guy characters care about is fighting over the heroine. *facepalm* GET YOUR PRIORITIES IN ORDER PEOPLE. Or the fate of the universe is hanging in the balance and you want to know what is going to happen, but all you get to read about is the heroine sitting there going, “ohhh, I’m so in love with this guy… but I’m also in love with this OTHER guy… maybe I’m not in love with either of them?? Or I’m in love with both?? I DON’T KNOW HELP ME” and it’s just page after page of this drivel and urgh I think I’m dying from the boredom.
    ANYWAY I’m sorry I didn’t mean to rant all over your blog. XD I enjoyed reading this post! 🙂

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  4. Villains without motives DESTROY ME. Which is why, you know, I’m actually writing a book that’s about the V I L L A I N S / C U P C A K E S.
    Love triangles are death. I would slaughter them all except u know i can’t kill peeta, he’s my bread child. Also Peeta/Gale/Katniss doesn’t really count? Because Katniss isn’t sitting there painting her fingernails and wondering if she should pick Gale or Peeta as her boyfriend.

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  5. ahh I haven’t read that book yet!! I so need to because iT SOUNDS SO GOOD AND MAGICAL AND THE COVER IS BEAUTIFUL :O

    yeah i know right?? it’s like they’re weird superhumans or robots that are too cool to pee and eat. which, by the way, i am so jealous of. also there’s HARDLY any mention of food in some YA books??? aND IT ANNOYS ME SO MUCH BECAUSE FOOD IS A NECESSITY

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Eep, I’m glad!! Yeah, I know right?? You don’t fall in love with someone just because you appreciate their physical features!! OMG YES. Those are the worst *groans* badly-written love triangles are literally so annoying and terrible and I wish they didn’t exist :(( ESPECIALLY IN FANTASY BOOKS!

    ahaha the ranting is totally fine, don’t worry xD Thanks!!

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  7. I totally agree with these, ESPECIALLY the forced diversity one. It’s even worse when the “diverse” character is the MC, yet they hardly mention anything from that culture/portray a certain culture badly and unrealistically. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?

    LAUGHED OUT LOUD AT THE BUGS. I have never actually thought of this before! I mean, they’re ~everywhere~ in real life and we’re all scared of them, but they’re not in books. *ponders for years*

    Awesome post, Aris! New Bloglovin follower. (I see that you haven’t “claimed” your blog on there, and you should! Lots of other bloggers use this platform to follow fellow book blogs. Here’s your blog’s link:

    – Aimee @ Aimee, Always

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  8. Yeah, it’s so annoying when that happens! Their culture is a main part of who they are and we need more information on that; they can’t just cut it out??

    I am very,, passionate,, about insects. THEY ARE AN INTEGRAL PART OF LIFE. And when books don’t show that?? I get really mad xD

    thank you!! and oh my gods, I actually had no clue that my blog was on bloglovin?? thanks so much for telling me!!! I’ll be sure to claim it as soon as possible 🙂


  9. SUCH a good post! All of these things annoy me. Especially the disappearing parents! It seems like if they aren’t killed off or absent from their kids life they are a total idiot that doesn’t know what is going on around them. It’s like the authors want the readers to believe that all adults are the worst. I also hate the manic pixie dream girl!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Thanks so much!! And yeah, not all parents are like that – it’s so unrealistic and it makes me mAD. omg yES the manic pixie dream girl is the most annoying cliched character to ever exist imo


  11. i hate ya tropes so much.
    i use so many of them.
    but hate them all at the same time.

    i personally hate hate hate hate hate hate the “bad guy” and the feminist™ characters.
    i feel like the “bad guys” without any emotional depth or any motivation behind their actions??? and then those feminist™ characters that are basically just white feminists who “aren’t like other girls”, usually homophobic and just generally an author’s self insert tbh. i also hate the forced heteros. like. no thanks at all.

    i hate the perfect character because like,,,,, i already hate myself,,,,, i don’t need to be comparing myself to fictional characters too

    (im just hear for soft characters, no unnecessary “strong feminist” or “bad boy” ones tbh)

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  12. hahah ya tropes suck

    omg those are the literal worst because they’re completely flat and lacking any character at all – they’re like those shitty ocs in bad fanfiction (both the feminist and the bad boy). forced heteros are the bane of my life (like in the cursed child).

    that’s a Big Mood

    (soft characters are the best, give me all the smol babies, i haven’t adopted enough fictional characters yet)

    Liked by 1 person

  13. okay if i’m being completely honest, (also do you like declan mckenna??? i felt like this past sentence was a reference somehow???) anyways that’s one reason i actually often enjoy fanfiction?? i’ve found so many that like save the author’s terrible characterization and???? so many soft characters. and I hate forced heteros (i also really dislike the feminist characters because i know too many people that are like that irl and i. can’t.) honestly, i don’t read straight books anymore. i can’t do it. because 99.9% of the time the two love interests have more chemistry with a rock. like i have to deal with over-compensating heteros every day, i don’t want to deal with it in my ya too????

    Liked by 1 person

  14. (so i just search up declan mckenna and?? i think i’m in love) fanfiction has saved my life, i’m not even exaggerating – most people look at me weird when i say i like a fic better than the actual book but?? it’s true. (the soft characters yes pls.) ugh there are so many people in my class who just hate on boys for no reason at all. just because they’re male. and because they want to be looked upon as “feminists”. that’s not feminism?? that’s saying that women > men which is NOT true. ugh it makes me mad.

    some straight books are ok but others are just SO FORCED i want to scream. also overcompensating heteros omg tell me about it. if i had a dollar for every guy who said “no homo” after high fiving another guy,,, i would have like four dollars but still exciting.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. i love him so much, one of the few boys i love.

    same!!! i feel like, you can only reread a book so many times and fanfiction just like expands upon and makes the book better like??? (honestly all the tfc fanfiction is basically an extension of the book) i know, i hate hypermasculinity and how people promote that and i Highkey hate the white feminists™,,, i know so many of them and i like. can’t.

    no homo is like a culture at my school?? like its literally expanded to a point where no one knows if anyone’s joking or not??? like we have a few out girls, but no out guys which kind of makes the whole thing even more “no homo” if that makes sense???

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  16. tfc fanfiction gives me life,, it’s just really Good.
    our school has mostly out guys and i’m the only out girl so. people aren’t as conservative as i’d expected them to be?? but there are still so many rude jokes and stuff. and yeah i see what you mean!!

    Liked by 1 person

  17. oh,,,, that’s still gross, the main thing we have is everyone assumes that all the gay girls like them, just because they’re gay which is highkey stupid (and i am very very closested honestly, because even though people are like mildly accepting,,,, it’s still texas)

    Liked by 1 person

  18. When a character does not have any consequences for their actions. Like Bella Swan getting everything she wanted without sacrificing anything.


  19. The forced diversity OH MY GOD the amount of characters that are just there to check a box and don’t actually add anything to the story when the main crew is white and straight, it annoys me so much! And something else I see often – every face the protagonist lays their eyes on is the literally the same person. Where are the average looking people, the acne, the glasses, the different shapes, the anything else than eight packs and perfect hair.

    And the instalove. An attraction at first sight I can believe but actual love? Saying ‘I love you’ two hours after you meet them? I want that stretched over two books so I can scream when they smile at each other and hold hands for the first time and all the little things, you know? It makes me think that the characters have no personality beyond ‘good looking and he knows it’ and ‘good looking but she doesn’t know it’ (its usually the case from what I’ve read lol)


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