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The Rising Author Tag! // ft. embarrassing stories from my past + strange writing habits

Hello, fellow writers of the internet!

To be honest, I don’t think I’m a rising author. (I don’t think I’m a rising anything.) But by some strange twist of fate, I have been nominated for this amazing tag?? By TWO fabulous people, no less. I feel so,, blessed :’)) A GIGANTIC THANK YOU TO BOTH THE STORY SPONGE AND KATIE!!! go follow them pls they’re both great humans.

A word of caution: extreme levels of cringe up ahead. Do not proceed if you cannot handle the terrible writings of six-year-old Aris. You have been warned.

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Since I got tagged by two people (thank u again), I’ll answer both their questions! But not all. Because that would be a reallyyyyy long post.

1. What is the weirdest thing someone has said to you about your writing?

“sjhshjsk i would willingly let u murder me right now”

“you should steer clear of area 51 they might want to experiment on you to find out your secrets of poetry”

“i want to eat ur notebook”

THESE ARE LITERAL THINGS PEOPLE HAVE SAID AFTER READING SOME OF MY WRITING. I mean?? I appreciate the sentiment but you’re really creeping me out right now okay.

Image result for you're so creepy gif

original (1)

2. What was the worst thing you ever wrote?

ahhhaha *hides*

A novel called “Prophesised”. (THAT’S NOT EVEN THE CORRECT WORD. I’M SHAKING MY HEAD SO HARD @ 11-YEAR-OLD ARIS.) It was about a group of four… creatures? One was a dragon, one a witch (my favourite!!), a faerie (second favourite ;)), a human, and something called an evrad?? And they had to team up and save the world from some sort of creature idk man. I have literally zero clue what I was thinking.

Image result for i don't know what i was thinking gif
probably me during some point writing this

I went searching for my copy of the book (it’s incomplete btw, just around 30k words), and found that the title had been changed by my co-author! (A friend.) It’s now “Prophesied”, much to everyone’s relief.



Obviously, this is the prophecy. BUT WHY IS IT SO FREAKING CRINGEY. IT’S SO. BAD.

[I did find this gem though:


Laurene is the witch and I TREASURE HER WITH ALL MY HEART.]

original (1)

3. Can you do other things while writing? (e.g. eating, listening to music, etc.)

umm I don’t really eat while writing because I have a perpetual fear of dropping something on my laptop but I do listen to music sometimes?? Especially while writing sad scenes, I have a bunch of playlists full of sad songs that help me get into the angsty mood and write something that will make the reader cry. Also I like having the TV on as background noise because I’m weird like that.

Image result for multitasking gif
multitasking like a pro

original (1)

4. If your book was made into a movie, what would it be like?

eeep I actually spent so long visualising one of my WIPs as a trailer!! The working title is “The End of the Universe” and the movie aesthetic is essentially lots of stars and black holes and spaceships and gay stuff. (I need to make an aesthetic board omggg.) I want the movie to be different from the book?? Because honestly what’s the point of watching the same thing on the screen because obviously it’s not going to compare.

so: pretty actors and a prettier set. that’s all.

Image result for galaxy gif
just a bunch of this stuff

original (1)

5. Do you include food in your books?


the best parts of writing are the parts where I include descriptions of food because,, I love eating & writing & and reading about food man. It’s food.

Image result for food is great gif
joey is me @ my book

original (1)

6. Which one of your characters are you most similar to?

I can think of two right now and even then we’re not that alike?? Caedin from The End of the Universe is a huge nerd (like me) but also kicks ass (unlike me) and is very pretty (also unlike me). She’s probably one of my favourite characters from that WIP lmao,, another character I can think of is Laurene from the book above – for obvious reasons. But she’s still prettier + sassier than me omg.

Image result for i'm not angry i'm just disappointed gif

original (1)

7. Which of your characters do you wish you had never created?

Agh hard to pick because I love all my characters so so much – even the antagonists because they’re complex and realistic. (Even if I do say so myself.) But now that I think about it,, probably Evelyn. She’s from my other WIP (which doesn’t have a title yet because I suck at naming stuff) and even though I try so hard to love her and make her useful she’s just??? so annoying omg. All she’s done so far is betray someone (oops, spoiler alert) and whine and beg to go on missions she’s not adept enough for.

Image result for she's so annoying gif

I feel like everyone will hate her and scream at me for creating such a terrible character?? So I want to revamp her completely – name and hair, then her personality will work out on its own. Maybe then she’ll be of some use. (I feel like a bad mother smh.)

original (1)

8. Do you let other people read your writing?

Short stories, poems, random snippets – yes. I love shoving it down people’s throats and ask for their opinions, because I NEED HELP ON HOW TO IMPROVE OKAY. but longer works?? NO. HELL NO. Not a single living person* has read any of my current WIPs.

It’s not that I don’t want anyone to read it?? It’s just that I’m scared everyone will hate it lmao. Like, I really want to make a post about both my WIPs, but I keep thinking that no one cares and they’ll probably pass on reading it because it’s just about me. idk.

Image result for i'm not very confident gif

*yikes it sounds like I killed everyone who read my book *hides dirty sword behind back* I SWEAR I DIDN’T I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT

original (1)

9. What’s the oddest thing you know about one of your characters?

I found this character assessment sheet online and decided to fill it up for one of my MCs because I was hella bored – long story short, I now know the underwear colour of Leon (from my untitled WIP).

It’s dark blue, if you were wondering.

Image result for yikes that's awkward gif
probably your face rn

original (1)

10. What is the very first story you remember writing/have record of?

Ohhh boy. Ending this post with a cringefest, are we, now?

At the age of six (this is the reason it’s so shit ok), after being heavily influenced by Enid Blyton and the guy wrote Geronimo Stilton, I decided to write a short story about a sailboat. It was called – no points for guessing – “The Sailboat”. (Of course, my brilliant naming skills have carried on into my present days.) Basically this girl called Mary gets a toy sailboat for her birthday and she’s really happy about it.

The end.

Image result for poker face gif

(In my opinion, the sequel – which is cleverly titled “The Sailboat 2” – is loads better. It has drama!!! Lies!!!!! Betrayal!!!!!!!!!! The sailboat gets lost :O Mary’s mother is in the hospital :OOO spoiler alerts omg)

[this is normally where I’d tag other people and also write my own questions but!! I don’t feel like tagging anyone lmao so if you want to do this tag, then go ahead!! Use the same questions I did 🙂 i’m such a rebel lmao]

shall we chat

so that was embarassing. What are some of your cringey childhood stories? Do you have a character you wish you’d never created?? What’s the weirdest thing someone has ever said after reading your writing? Would you be interested in reading a post about my WIPs??? AND DO YOU WRITE ABOUT FOOD?????

christmas sign off

PS: I’m going on a hiatus until March 16!!! Sorry :(( But my exams start next week and I really want to study and score well lmao. I won’t be reading any books either 😦 I’ll probably stay caught up on your posts, though? (Hopefully???) Wish me luck!!!


writer with a flair for the dramatic

37 thoughts on “The Rising Author Tag! // ft. embarrassing stories from my past + strange writing habits

  1. You made me laugh so hard – I completely relate to literally every answer and gif xD I kept all my old childhood writing in a folder under my desk and the other day I almooost took it out to reminisce….then went ‘oh god no, let’s not.’ Caedin is such a pretty name by the way! ❤ Totally want to do this tag, it sounds like fun (for the reader) but not exactly the writer xD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahaha I’m glad!! Welp, that was smart of you. I try not to look at my old stories for fear of scarring myself, but this tag called for it xD Eep thank you!! Also that reminds me of a quote by Roland Barthes – “the birth of the reader must be at the cost of the death of the author”. because TRUE.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh that’s such a fun tag, I LOVE IT so much and I loved reading your answers as well and you GIF choice is AMAZING.
    I listen to music while I write as well, often sad songs to put me in the mood and secretly hoping that will make me write scenes that will make the readers cry as well. That’s a writer’s goal for sure.
    AND YES for food descriptions, my current WIP needs more food in it ahah, I’ll need to change that in my edits right now. But seriously, Joey is me in every current life situation and book I read. FOOD is important 😛
    BEST OF LUCK for your exams, you can do this! We’ll miss you tons, sending you love and courage and all the positive vibes to succeed! xx

    Liked by 1 person


    and idk if i can listen to music while writing?? it works when i’m writing a blog post because it’s not ~that serious~ and i like jamming out to it but when it comes to actually writing my novel?? it’s been so long since i last touched it so i don’t remember if i listened to music or not lol. probably only instrumental pieces because anything else would distract me too much

    Liked by 1 person


    Yeah, we get mad at authors for making us cry but honestly?? we're all gigantic hypocrites since we do the same thing lmao

    Food is definitely at the top of the checklist for stuff your book should include xD Joey is the biggest Mood there is and that's why I love him so much.

    thank you~!!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  6. AHHH THANK YOU AND I WILL!!! (hopefully) i can’t write hets so gay stuff is a must lmao

    yeah i almost constantly have music playing when i write a post!! mostly upbeat stuff so i can write funny lol. i get what you mean about lyrics being distractive?? but smeh i like both instrumental and lyrics ://

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  7. This was such a great tag! I loved reading your answers and I cracked up at the things people told you about your writing. They were weirdly specific, but also freaky with the Area 51 comment haha
    Also, music is such a crucial part of writing at times. It can really set the mood.
    Finally, good luck for your exams!

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  8. I love food and I love writing, but I too have a perpetual fear of dropping food and basically causing the universe to explode. Including food IN your writing is much safer.
    When I read my the stories I wrote in my youth, I can never decide if it’s funny or painful. Usually a mixture of both.
    And I can never quite decide where I stand on the topic of letting people read my writing. Sometimes I’m just like, “I WROTE THIS STORY YOU SHOULD READ AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK.” And other times I’m morbidly afraid to let anyone lay eyes on it because what if they think it’s lame and my soul falls apart and all the pieces get sucked up by the vacuum cleaner before I can pick them up?
    I have very realistic fears.


  9. Exactly, but… I mean, if we can make people cry, it means we can write really well, if they care about the story THAT much? 😂 So… writer’s goals 😂

    You're welcome! x

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  10. Ahaha this was so much fun to read!! I’ve written things in the past but they’re so horrid I just either delete them on the spot or just never look at them ever because I would die from their utter garbageness. 😂 Laurene sounds so great and YESSS for aesthetics, that would be amazing because your book sounds amazing already *grabby hands* Also FOOOOOOOD. Mmm. Best part of a book. Good luck on your exams!! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  11. ahhh I’m glad!!!! 😀 lmao I wish I could delete my writings but I get this weird guilty feeling whenever I do 😦 so basically I try not to look at them ever xD laurene IS great!!! and omg thank u that’s so nice ❤ YES FOOD GIVE ME ALL THE FOOD

    thanks!!!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  12. I wish I had imaginative story ideas when I was a kid, haha. I used to rewrite my favourite TV shows from memory or transcribe them into a narrative format, and when I moved on to making up my own stories and characters I was still technically stealing other people’s ideas to make my own. I was a terrible writer back then 😅

    Liked by 1 person

  13. oh sweetie I’m sure you’re very pretty, prettier than Caedin

    also you gotta create characters you hate sometimes. like me ?? creating queerphobic characters?? and getting angry??? more likely than you think

    UM YES I’D OFC BE INTERESTED IN READING A POST ABOUT YOUR WIPS and yes ofc I write about food who would I be without food (also now I’m starting to write about socks and it’s scary because now everyone knows my obsession with socks… actually no lmao no one knows bc nO ONE READS MY WRITING)

    GOOD LUCK ON YOUR EXAMS CHILD you’re so responsible

    Liked by 1 person

  14. ahahha that sounds like something i would do!! and that’s okay, most stories now are just a mix and match of old tropes – sometimes people twist it up, and that’s what makes everything so interesting!! haha so was i xD


  15. sksksskjsj it’s nice of u to say that but no one is prettier than caedin :’)


    YES OKAY I AM GLAD ❤ food is. food. (socks are also gr8 wot u mean m8) (ahahahah sorry)


    Liked by 1 person

  16. Both of these questions are impossible to answer, for a first-time author with no record. But it’s pointless anyway, seeing as only a tiny pct of first-timers ever sell more than a couple thousand.

    As for the bestseller status, you can make the Amazon lists by selling as few as three copies. For any of the others, it’s not as simple as counting the books sold. They use their own secret sauce to make those choices, and not all sales get counted for this purpose.

    Liked by 1 person

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