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I’M BACK!!! // life updates + plans for this blog

Hello, people of the internet!

I MISSED ALL OF YOU SO MUCH. I’m finally back after a pretty long hiatus, and BOY DO I FEEL AMAZING. My exams went great, my stress level reduced, my skin is clear, and my crops are flourishing. What more could I ask for?

This is going to be a fairly short post, basically some life updates (if you’re interested?) and what I want to do with this blog! I had some time to think about where I want it go, and while I won’t be making many major changes (I think they aren’t that major, at least), I’ll be shaking things up!

aLSO HAPPY LOVE, SIMON DAY. It still hasn’t released for me but oh, well. I’ll stick to playing the soundtrack on repeat until 23rd March. And re-reading the book. And crying. And munching Oreos to make myself feel better.

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life updates 2

  • I had exams! And they went great!!! I actually studied this time? Usually I get good enough grades without studying (does that sound like I’m bragging I swear I’m not bragging I just pay attention in class yikes) but I feel so much more confident now!! (Today was my math exam and it wasn’t total torture!! what’s! up!!!)
  • I made so many new friends! Online and irl, both. (Mostly online.) It’s so awesome because yay more people to fangirl to!! But then there’s the dilemma of birthday gifts. Having friends is hard. not to sound sappy but I wouldn’t give up my friends for anything 

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    sorry for the stale meme but it’s true
  • I started spending more time on Twitter. yes okay I was on a hiatus but!! it was only a blogging hiatus!! anyway I gained some followers on there (and made friends!!!)
  • I spent a lot of time trying to discover more about myself! That sounds like some cheesy shit that you’d read in a greeting card somewhere, but really. I’ve started writing regularly in a journal – a completely uncensored translation of my thoughts. You’d expect it to be cheesy and all about emotions but it’s mostly random things I think of? Also writing down my problems helps me relax, kind of. meh.Image result for writing in journal gif
  • According to an Enneagram test I took, I’m tied between personality type two and four? that means I usually care about others more than me, and tend to be pretty creative and stuff like that. To be honest, I don’t like being categorized into labels like that – I change a lot and it irks me. The only thing I’m sure of, though, is my MBTI type: I’m ENFP and it shows!! (Like Willy Wonka. He was ENFP, too. Whatta legend.)

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    I STAN
  • Valentine’s day!! My best friend was an angel and bought All the Crooked Saints for me. He’s an icon; man, am I glad we’re friends.
  • I got so so many ideas for my WIP!! now my only job is putting together in a manner that helps them to make sense.

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  • There will be new posts every Thursday! I think. Hope. bUT LET’S BE POSITIVE. so my blogging schedule is changing from random bursts to once a week, every Thursday! plus extra short posts if I’m in the mood. 🙂
  • New graphics? I’m not sure yet. I’ll still definitely be sticking to this theme but stay on the lookout for some new headers/graphics! 👀

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  • More book reviews! I know I hardly review books on here, but I hope that’ll change because I have discovered that I actually like writing reviews?? Especially if I didn’t like it. I love getting a good excuse to roast a book.
  • Maybe a couple surveys? I’m always nervous whenever I post something related to me or my life (like this post) because I think that people won’t be interested?? Because obviously books are more interesting than people. I don’t blame you. I agree. But I also want to know what people want more of in my blog!

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shall we chat

how is your life going?? are you excited for love, simon?? do you have twitter? (give me your @ let’s be friends) do you know what your personality type is? and if I posted some surveys, would you take them???

christmas sign off



hi i'm aris just your everyday trashcan who fangirls over everything • book blogger • reader • ravenclaw • indian • ambivert • i try to be cool but fail miserably

21 thoughts on “I’M BACK!!! // life updates + plans for this blog

  1. Life update: I am still alive. Life is crazy but stuff keeps happening and I am not dead yet, so I guess things are going well.
    I am glad to hear that you were happy with your exams! I hate taking exams, but I usually do pretty well too? I am sort of a perfectionist and I feel like not getting A’s in everything is failing. I need to work on that…
    Last time I took the personality test (which was ages ago) I think I got INFP, but I have no idea if that has changed or not. All I know for certain is that the Introvert part has not changed and I am almost positive that it never will.
    Welcome back!

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  2. as long as you’re still alive and kicking – life’s pretty great.

    SJHSSJH ME TOO. I hate getting anything less than an A, but I’m not complaining because that actually leads to me getting good grades and?? that’s not a bad thing??

    ahaha I read somewhere that INFPs and ENFPs get along pretty great?? so hello there *waves*

    thank you~! ❤

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  3. yay welcome back! I ‘m so happy to hear you did well on your exams and new friends and new design and exciting things to come ahhhhhhh that sounds brilliant 🙂 I’ll look forward to all of your new posts 🙂 x

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