about me

uh, hi.

Hello, people of the internet! My name is Aris, and I’m a nerd who tries to be funny. (And fails.) I usually blog about books (yay literature!), TV shows or movies, and most of my reviews include lots of all caps and screaming. If you’re here, you probably want to know some more about me. (in which case, thanks. I’m honoured.) So, uh, here are some basic facts, I guess:

  • I read. Mostly young adult fantasy and contemporary, but to be honest, any genre is fair game as long as it’s written well. (Another influencing factor is the gayness level! No matter what genre, I will read it if it has any amount of LGBTQ+ rep that isn’t problematic.)
  • I write. Poems and short stories, hopefully I’ll finish a novel some day? Currently I’m torn between three plot bunnies, but I’ve been devoting equal time to each in hopes that it will bloom into something beautiful.
  • I’m Indian and also pansexual. If you have a problem with any of those, I will throw butter chicken at you. (Probably not though, let’s be honest. Butter chicken is too good of a food to be wasted on racists and homophobes.)
  • I’m genderfluid! That means my pronouns constantly keep changing but that’s confusing so you can use any pronouns. Preferably they/them? Don’t mind the others much, though.
  • Ravenclaw, child of Hermes, and an ambivert
  • I have a lot of favourite authors and books, so come scream with me if you see anything you like, too!
  • I’m a huge Marvel fan! I got into the movies pretty recently, but I’ve been binge-reading all the comics and no one can stop me. (Please come nerd out with me.)
  • I try to be cool and edgy to hide the fact that I’m an actual sap but I don’t think it works :/

christmas sign off

PS: a lot of people have asked me why I have Christmas ornaments in my sign-off image. Well, I’d love to say it’s because I love Christmas a whole lot (which is true, even though I don’t celebrate it), but it’s actually because I put them there during Christmas to be more holiday-themed and I haven’t taken them off since. Because I’m lazy and also they look cute. So there ya have it. 


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  1. And i’m learning a language on Duolingo too!! Spanish to be exact. And I LOVE divergent, Percy Jackson,and Harry Potter!!!!!! P.S. photography is my LIFE!

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