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The Rising Author Tag! // ft. embarrassing stories from my past + strange writing habits

Hello, fellow writers of the internet!

To be honest, I don’t think I’m a rising author. (I don’t think I’m a rising anything.) But by some strange twist of fate, I have been nominated for this amazing tag?? By TWO fabulous people, no less. I feel so,, blessed :’)) A GIGANTIC THANK YOU TO BOTH THE STORY SPONGE AND KATIE!!! go follow them pls they’re both great humans.

A word of caution: extreme levels of cringe up ahead. Do not proceed if you cannot handle the terrible writings of six-year-old Aris. You have been warned.

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The Ultimate Book Tag // my first collab (!!)

Hello, people of the internet!

Ah, books. I love them. So does the obsessed girl! And we’ve decided to team up for a collab – which will be my first ever!! I’m super excited for this, collabs are the best part of blogging tbh. She did the 20 Songs Tag over on her blog, it’s pretty funny :))

I’ll be doing the Ultimate Book Tag – it sounds pretty interesting and has to do with books so ?? it’s kind of a no-brainer.

(please let’s start this post already, the awkward intro is killing me)

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A Bookish Wrap-Up for 2017 // end of year book survey!

Hello, fellow bookworms of the internet!

I CANNOT PICK A FAVOURITE BOOK. (I mean I probably can if I think about it long enough but agh just roll with it.) The reason why it’s so hard for me to pick one single book is because 2017 was such a good reading year for me?? I read the most wonderful books of ever and was introduced to contemporary!! A genre I had no interest in before blogging!! But which I now love!!!

Anyway I saw Ilsa do a bookish round up tag thing and decided to do it too!! (Originality.) So I’ll be linking up with Perpetual Page Turner’s 2017 End of Year Book Survey and I’m so so excited to do it!

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A Hobbit Tag: because why not?

Hello, hobbits of the internet! (Do hobbits use the internet?)

I was tagged by the amazing Rain @ The Withering to do this tag! I love the Lord of the Rings, and the Hobbit, so of course I was super excited for this 😀 Hobbits are so amazing and I love them so much??? GAH. ❤ Thank you Rain!!!

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That was a terrible intro let’s just get to the post can we okay thanks bye.

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The Blogger Recognition Award!

Hello, people of the internet!

So I was lucky enough to be nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award! This is exciting because it’s my third award!!! Thank you to the amazing Dani @ Perspective of a Writer – she’s a wonderful blogger who loves K-drama and books (unusual combination, but she makes it work!). It’s always amazing conversing with her in the comments about different books. 😀

I’ll be discussing how I started my blog, and some advice for new bloggers!

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Fierce Fangirl Friday: MUSICALS!

Hello, fellow fangirls (or boys) of the internet!

Fierce Fangirl Fridays are put on by the wonderful and lovely Jackie @ Too Much of a Booknerd. If you’re not following her already, seriously, go do it, because she’s amazing. Now, what is Fierce Fangirl Fridays? Basically, it’s where you fangirl/boy over anything – that’s right, each week you pick a different thing you’re fangirling about the moment and JUST RUN FREE WITH THE FEELS. Only rule? Just pingback to her post here! It’s so easy that it hurts. 😄

It’s probably no surprise for you guys to find out that I love musicals (after all, I have a whole post fangirling about Hamilton), but I never really cared much for musicals before?? And now that I’ve sunk into that hole discovered them, I can’t STOP LISTENING TO THEM.

Musicals are great because they tell stories through songs. Which is an awesome change from all the trashy pop music going around! (Noah Fence to anyone.) And the story lines are usually awesome: take Heathers. It starts off as your everyday high school drama, but ends up into a murder mystery/kill everyone sort of thing. It also deals with lots of problems, like suicide, psychopathy, and depression, along with general murderous tendencies and what to do if you have them. 🙂

So, for this post, I planned on listing some of my favourite musicals and FANGIRLING ALL OVER THEM BECAUSE NONE OF MY FRIENDS LISTEN TO THEM AND I AM IN SEVERE NEED OF A FELLOW FANGIRL. 

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The Ultimate Harry Potter Tag!

Hello, fellow book lovers!

HAPPY HARRY POTTER DAY!! 😀 The 31st of July is truly a sacred day. The birthday of the Chosen One, and our queen JK Rowling.

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So, I was stalking bloggers I found under the “Harry Potter” tag, and I found this really cool one done by That Weird Brown Girl, and I JUST HAD TO DO IT. IT’S PERFECT FOR THIS MOMENTOUS OCCASION. Why would any Potterhead pass up this chance?

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The Get to Know Me Tag!

Hello, fellow internet dweebs citizens!

So, you guys don’t know me much. You know the things I do, the things I like, the things I want to do – but me? Nah, not really. (Why would you anyway lol) So I found this thing on May’s blog and wanted to do it – because it seems fun. And I’m also starved for ideas.

So enjoy?? I guess??

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The Sunshine Blogger Award

okay before we start i have a couple things to address:

    Is he cute or what??? His name is Jonathan Levi Laurens (what are you talking about I totally didn’t name him after John Laurens psshh who even is that guy) but I usually just call him Levi. :3 Also we like qualified for Yale so that!!! 😀
  2. Sorry for not posting in so long 😦 I had that kind of writer’s block where you’re like “i have so many things i want to write but i’m too lazy”. it’s the worst kind tbh.
  3. And as of 5th July, I am officially thirteen!! Dear god I sound so young. I may be only 13 but my mind is older, ok? (btw happy 4th to you Americans!)

Now onward with the post!

Hello, citizens of planet Internet!

And it turns out my blog is good enough for two awards?? This is my second award and I am so happy I could burst. I was nominated for this by the wonderful Kawther, from the Villain Library (her blog is amazing; she loves villains – if you couldn’t tell – and her posts are always really interesting! 🙂 )  Continue reading “The Sunshine Blogger Award”

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The Liebster Award!!!



I’M VERY EXCITED TODAY. IF YOU COULDN’T TELL FROM THE CAPS LOCK. Okay I’ll stop virtual screaming in your head.

I, Aris, have got my first blogging award of all time! The Liebster Award! (I’m totally not on a sugar high or anything.)

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