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Shadowhunters: The TV show that will take over your life

yes okay but malec

Hello, fellow fangirls of the internet!

So, if you follow me on Twitter (#self-promo) then you’ll know that I’ve sunk into the dark hole that is the fandom of Shadowhunters. And I’m about to drag you down with me. (Hopefully; it’s kind of lonely here and I need some friends.)

First off: what is this show and why should you care? Well, it’s a TV adaptation of The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare (one of my favourite book series), and you should care because it’s actually really good and not a disgrace to the books (like the *cough* movies *cough*).

Also the ships are to die for.

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How to survive Comic Con: top five tips for any beginner con-goer

Hello, fellow fangirls of the internet!

Autumn is here: and you know what that means? Conventions. There are loads of Comic Cons happening right around this time, and fangirls all throughout the world are excited. Comic Con is great! One of my favourite events of all time. It’s hosted by Eventbrite, which is this great platform through which you can register and promote your events. Pretty simple, too!

So I, being the extremely helpful person that I am, decided to put together a list of tips for any beginner con-goer. Again, you’re welcome.

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(also the featured image is my comic book collection isn’t it awesomeeee.)

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Monthly Wrap-up for September!

Hello, people of the internet!

September was a busy month. I had my midterms, I had a couple parties to attend, I made new online friends (and apparently I live in the same city as some of them!), I got like three more plot bunnies, and I wrote a lot.

It was fun! And because I did so much interesting stuff, I’m going to put it all together in a blog post. 😀

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i mean i wasn’t *this* busy but who can resist a spongebob gif?

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Rediscovering old worlds (a.k.a. why you should re-read books)

guess who’s back from hiatus?? (um. it’s me.)

Hello, people of the internet!

Humans love familiarity. And re-reading books – going back to visit worlds that you love – fills you with warmth and fuzziness and nostalgia of all the jokes, thefts, and occasional murders that have taken place there.

But there’s a lot more reasons – reasons that I have conveniently put together in a list for you guys. You’re welcome, and hopefully you’ll be convinced by the end of this post that re-reading is good for you, and not a waste of time. 🙂

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what it feels like to re-read a book

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Things that people who dog-ear books would like to say to people who use bookmarks

Hello, bookworms of the internet!

I have a confession to make. I dog-ear my books. 

I know, I know. “ARIS HOW COULD YOU DO THIS YOU’RE HARMING THE POOR BOOKS OHM YG GODS????” Chill. It’s not a big deal! I’m pretty sure a lot of people dog ear books… right? Right?!

I’m pretty sure that there are lots of so-called bookmark users that secretly dog-ear their books but don’t let anyone see because they don’t want people to judge them. Don’t do that. Wear your dog-ears on your sleeve! (???)

To be completely honest, I find people who use bookworms really weird. Like, not in a bad way, just… how??? How the hell do you manage to manage your bookmarks???*

So here are some things that the usual dog-earer would like to ask a person who uses bookmarks. Not trying to dis any bookmark lovers, but it had to be said!

*I don’t think this sentence exactly makes sense… and I’m not sure if I care.

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Monthly Wrap-Up for August!

I’ve never done a monthly recap before so let’s just see how this goes?? Bare with me, please.

Hello, people of the internet!

Oh my god my first wrap-up post I am so excited let’s do this.

August was a pretty busy month for me. I participated in the Scribbler’s Challenge (hosted by the amazing May), did a bunch of extra-curricular activities for school, read around six books… good enough, overall.

Anyway, let’s

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I have been waiting to use this GIF for so long omggg.

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Things book lovers do better than anyone else

Hello, bookworms of the internet!

Now, it’s no secret that bookworms are superior creatures that are blessed with many, many talents (like the ability to enjoy reading). Normally, you won’t notice these talents. Of course we’re not going to go around bragging about our ability to identify all cheap bookstores within a five-mile radius. But there are, without a doubt talents that all bookworms possess. Here’s a reminder of what they are.

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The Get to Know Me Tag!

Hello, fellow internet dweebs citizens!

So, you guys don’t know me much. You know the things I do, the things I like, the things I want to do – but me? Nah, not really. (Why would you anyway lol) So I found this thing on May’s blog and wanted to do it – because it seems fun. And I’m also starved for ideas.

So enjoy?? I guess??

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The Sunshine Blogger Award

okay before we start i have a couple things to address:

    Is he cute or what??? His name is Jonathan Levi Laurens (what are you talking about I totally didn’t name him after John Laurens psshh who even is that guy) but I usually just call him Levi. :3 Also we like qualified for Yale so that!!! 😀
  2. Sorry for not posting in so long 😦 I had that kind of writer’s block where you’re like “i have so many things i want to write but i’m too lazy”. it’s the worst kind tbh.
  3. And as of 5th July, I am officially thirteen!! Dear god I sound so young. I may be only 13 but my mind is older, ok? (btw happy 4th to you Americans!)

Now onward with the post!

Hello, citizens of planet Internet!

And it turns out my blog is good enough for two awards?? This is my second award and I am so happy I could burst. I was nominated for this by the wonderful Kawther, from the Villain Library (her blog is amazing; she loves villains – if you couldn’t tell – and her posts are always really interesting! 🙂 )  Continue reading “The Sunshine Blogger Award”

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WSC Vietnam (Day 4)

Hello you wonderful citizens of the internet!

Today was the busiest and most nerve-wracking day of them all. I am so glad it’s finally over. But it was really fun and energetic, too. 🙂

So we got up at like 5:30 and went for breakfast at around 6:00. The bus took us to one of the schools in Vietnam, where the different events throughout the day would take place. We were in T36 Penguin, which meant that we were at the primary school and had our debates first.

The first event for everyone was the Scholar’s Challenge: it’s basically a multiple-choice test with really hard questions. But since this is the WSC, there’s a slight alpaca-twist: you know when you’re stuck between A and B and want to choose both but you can’t? Well in this test you can. You can pick more than one option, and you’ll get points if they’re right! Of course, you’ll get less points – but it’s better than nothing.  Continue reading “WSC Vietnam (Day 4)”