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I’M BACK!!! // life updates + plans for this blog

Hello, people of the internet!

I MISSED ALL OF YOU SO MUCH. I’m finally back after a pretty long hiatus, and BOY DO I FEEL AMAZING. My exams went great, my stress level reduced, my skin is clear, and my crops are flourishing. What more could I ask for?

This is going to be a fairly short post, basically some life updates (if you’re interested?) and what I want to do with this blog! I had some time to think about where I want it go, and while I won’t be making many major changes (I think they aren’t that major, at least), I’ll be shaking things up!

aLSO HAPPY LOVE, SIMON DAY. It still hasn’t released for me but oh, well. I’ll stick to playing the soundtrack on repeat until 23rd March. And re-reading the book. And crying. And munching Oreos to make myself feel better.

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Monthly Recap: January! // aka the longest month ever + the start of 2018

Hello, people of the internet!

The first month of 2018. It was nice!!! I read a bunch, and wrote a little but it’s ok because I had fun. Honestly though January was so slow??? (I still feel like it’s January 74th or something smh.)

Also I completed most of my goals!! Something I’m hella hyped about because I thought for sure it’d be a huge failure.

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Monthly Recap: December // IT’S 2018 ALREADY?? + Goals I Will Probably Never Complete

Hello, people of the internet!

IT IS 2018. Can you believe it? Feels like only last week it was 2015. (I miss that year ;-; it was so nice and nothing bad happened cOME BACK 2015) But I did a lot of stuff in December?? Well, not that much, but yeah it was fun.

And while we’re recapping last month, I finally decided to set goals for myself! Usually I find them too constraining but they can kind of be helpful?? So I have some goals for January lined up, too.

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A Bookish Wrap-Up for 2017 // end of year book survey!

Hello, fellow bookworms of the internet!

I CANNOT PICK A FAVOURITE BOOK. (I mean I probably can if I think about it long enough but agh just roll with it.) The reason why it’s so hard for me to pick one single book is because 2017 was such a good reading year for me?? I read the most wonderful books of ever and was introduced to contemporary!! A genre I had no interest in before blogging!! But which I now love!!!

Anyway I saw Ilsa do a bookish round up tag thing and decided to do it too!! (Originality.) So I’ll be linking up with Perpetual Page Turner’s 2017 End of Year Book Survey and I’m so so excited to do it!

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Happy Holidays! // Reasons To Be Happy + Christmassy Books

Hello, people of the internet!

THE TIME HAS COME. After ages of waiting for Christmas to arrive, it’s finally here! Even though I don’t celebrate it religiously, my family loves following the tradition of exchanging gifts, decorating trees, and eating loads of food. I just adore Christmas in it’s entirety – everything is so soft and beautiful and red and green and white asdfghjjkkllsdhjk it’s amazing.

To all my Jewish friends, I hope you had a great Hanukkah 🙂If you don’t celebrate either, happy holidays!

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Harry Potter-themed Christmas Presents For The Potterheads In Your Life // based on their Hogwarts house

Hello, fellow Potterheads of the internet!

Christmas is almost upon us.  And if you’re anything like me, you haven’t brought presents yet. And last minute shopping is a pain, because you don’t know what to buy – unless you have a very handy guide that lists gift ideas based on personality traits 🙂

And what better present than a Harry-Potter themed gift?  Everyone loves Harry Potter. (Probably.) It’s also a great, last-minute, kind of personal gift to give someone for Christmas.

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Here are some amazing Harry Potter gifts to give someone this season. Plus, to make it easier for you to choose, I’ve divided them up based on houses: so if you’re looking for something to celebrate the brave spirit of your Gryffindor friend, the quirky yet studious habits of your Ravenclaw compatriot, the warm and loyal soul of your Hufflepuff buddy, or the cunning guile of your favorite Slytherin, you’re sure to find something on this list that matches them perfectly.

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10 Books That You Can Easily Finish On Planes // they’re short, witty, and scary

Hello, bookworms of the internet!

Plane rides are long. They can get boring really easily. And if you’ve ever made the mistake of getting onto a plane without a book in hand, you know what I’m talking about. You need books to make a plane ride enjoyable.  

Luckily, I got you covered. You don’t have to be stuck watching the terrible American sitcom pilots, wishing you had something more substantial to keep your brain from wasting away. Instead, you can enjoy some great short books!  

See, long books are great and all, but there’s something about short stories and books that leaves you completely enraptured from beginning to end. And an airplane is weirdly the perfect reading spot, too: you’re literally miles above the rest of the world, strapped to a chair, with no distractions except the one year old wailing directly in your ear.

Here are a few short, brilliant books you can easily finish in a plane ride.

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Monthly Recap: November // NaNoWriMo + lots of reading + WSC

Hello, people of the internet!

DECEMBER IS UPON US.  See, my blog even has snow everywhere!! Anyway, before getting into the wonders of December, let us revisit our past:  NOVEMBER WAS FREAKIN GREAT.  I was really really busy throughout (World Scholar’s Cup, NaNoWriMo, my school’s annual event, tests) but I had a lot of fun!! (It was a terrible blogging month though sorryyyyy)

also i’m sorry for the lack of a october wrap-up but i was in a blogging slump and couldn’t write 😦

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Book characters to dress up as for Halloween! // CANDYYYYY.

Hello, trick-or-treaters, and partygoers, of the internet!

THIS IS HALLOWEEN.* (Well, not yet. But it will be soon enough.) And Halloween = costumes. I don’t know about you, but I think costumes are a great way to wear your fandoms on your sleeve – but sometimes you just don’t feel like going through all the trouble of buying/creating a costume?? So I, in all my helpfulness, have put together a list of book characters you can dress up as for Halloween – and they’re all really easy costumes, too! (Thank me later.)

((Also I just realized this is very hypocritical since my plan for Halloween is staying in and watching scary movies with a friend. Oh well.))

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*pumpkins screaaaam in the dead of night

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Shadowhunters: The TV show that will take over your life

yes okay but malec

Hello, fellow fangirls of the internet!

So, if you follow me on Twitter (#self-promo) then you’ll know that I’ve sunk into the dark hole that is the fandom of Shadowhunters. And I’m about to drag you down with me. (Hopefully; it’s kind of lonely here and I need some friends.)

First off: what is this show and why should you care? Well, it’s a TV adaptation of The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare (one of my favourite book series), and you should care because it’s actually really good and not a disgrace to the books (like the *cough* movies *cough*).

Also the ships are to die for.

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