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5 Mini ARC Reviews // Better Late Than Never!

Hello, fellow readers of the internet!

Recently (who am I kidding, these ARCs are from ages ago), I’ve been approved for loads of ARCs – and me, being the lazy person I am, read them all but didn’t write reviews. Oops.

This is a pretty diverse array of books, some of which I adored and some of which I found… meh. Thank you so much to Netgalley and the publishers for sending me these e-ARCs of all the books! 



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Books and Comics: LGBTQ+ Recommendations // HAPPY PRIDE!!

Hello, my fellow gays (and non-gays) of the internet!

After a long overdue (and completely unannounced) hiatus, I have returned to this dusty little corner of the internet. What better to celebrate this arrival than some amazing pride recs? I may have abandoned all of you (“all” meaning my three loyal supporters), but I come bearing gifts. And those gifts happen to be a list of books and comics that have LGBTQ+ characters in them. We love representation! 

‘Tis the month of June, and ’tis also the month of pride for us queer folks. After the Stonewall riots that took place in June, this month has been honoured by the LGBTQ+ community as a month to proud. So here are a bunch of beautiful works across different media, all of which contain ze gay in one way or another. I’ve tried to stick to things that involve the queer characters in a significant way, because we’ve all had enough of the funny gay best friend.

Prepare for a hella long post, with a word count of somewhere around 6500+. Told ya I’d make my return worth it.

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YA Book Tropes I LOVE // ft. me exposing myself for the true sap I am

Hello, people of the internet!

I’m a huge sap. (Shocker!!) Side effects of being a sap: there are some cliches or tropes that I will see in books over and over again, but NEVER get tired of seeing them. A while back, I actually talked about some of the cliches I hate – so I decided to be fair and write something about the tropes I love. (and expose myself for huge marshmallow I actually am.)

Ooh, and I’ll also mention some of my favourite books which have these tropes! I MUST FORCE EVERYONE TO READ THESE BOOKS. 

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The Ultimate Book Tag // my first collab (!!)

Hello, people of the internet!

Ah, books. I love them. So does the obsessed girl! And we’ve decided to team up for a collab – which will be my first ever!! I’m super excited for this, collabs are the best part of blogging tbh. She did the 20 Songs Tag over on her blog, it’s pretty funny :))

I’ll be doing the Ultimate Book Tag – it sounds pretty interesting and has to do with books so ?? it’s kind of a no-brainer.

(please let’s start this post already, the awkward intro is killing me)

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How To Make A Reader Mad // ft. me spilling all the bookworm secrets

.Hello, readers and non-readers of the internet!

Reading is an extremely dangerous hobby. I mean, not only do we have to deal with physical dangers (like walking into a wall, getting paper cuts, etc. etc.), we also have to cope with several emotional hazards. And I’m not just talking about feels from books – there are some things that Non-Readers™ say that really, really, hurts my feelings.

I’ll be delving into all the things you can say or do to make a reader extremely annoyed/mad: so bookworms, get ready to have all our secrets spilled. Normies, make careful notes so you can plot our downfall.

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readers @ everyone else


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YA Book Tropes That Are So, So Annoying // please be more original

Hello, fellow bookworms of the internet!

Originality is rare. There are so many books in the world; obviously they’ll have some overlapping features. But you know those things that make you SO FLIPPING MAD every time you see it in a book?? Because you’ve seen it SO MANY FLIPPING TIMES??

I’ll be talking about the cliches which I HATE*. Also, just to be clear, I’m not saying that each and every example of such a trope is terrible. Some books pull it off wonderfully! But others,, don’t. And because it’s more fun to roast things, I’m discussing the bad parts. (I’m so shady.)

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*make that “strongly dislike”. hate is a very strong word and I am not a hateful person!! I am a ferocious tiger!!! sorry for clickbait.


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A Bookish Wrap-Up for 2017 // end of year book survey!

Hello, fellow bookworms of the internet!

I CANNOT PICK A FAVOURITE BOOK. (I mean I probably can if I think about it long enough but agh just roll with it.) The reason why it’s so hard for me to pick one single book is because 2017 was such a good reading year for me?? I read the most wonderful books of ever and was introduced to contemporary!! A genre I had no interest in before blogging!! But which I now love!!!

Anyway I saw Ilsa do a bookish round up tag thing and decided to do it too!! (Originality.) So I’ll be linking up with Perpetual Page Turner’s 2017 End of Year Book Survey and I’m so so excited to do it!

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Happy Holidays! // Reasons To Be Happy + Christmassy Books

Hello, people of the internet!

THE TIME HAS COME. After ages of waiting for Christmas to arrive, it’s finally here! Even though I don’t celebrate it religiously, my family loves following the tradition of exchanging gifts, decorating trees, and eating loads of food. I just adore Christmas in it’s entirety – everything is so soft and beautiful and red and green and white asdfghjjkkllsdhjk it’s amazing.

To all my Jewish friends, I hope you had a great Hanukkah 🙂If you don’t celebrate either, happy holidays!

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Harry Potter-themed Christmas Presents For The Potterheads In Your Life // based on their Hogwarts house

Hello, fellow Potterheads of the internet!

Christmas is almost upon us.  And if you’re anything like me, you haven’t brought presents yet. And last minute shopping is a pain, because you don’t know what to buy – unless you have a very handy guide that lists gift ideas based on personality traits 🙂

And what better present than a Harry-Potter themed gift?  Everyone loves Harry Potter. (Probably.) It’s also a great, last-minute, kind of personal gift to give someone for Christmas.

Image result for christmas harry potter gif

Here are some amazing Harry Potter gifts to give someone this season. Plus, to make it easier for you to choose, I’ve divided them up based on houses: so if you’re looking for something to celebrate the brave spirit of your Gryffindor friend, the quirky yet studious habits of your Ravenclaw compatriot, the warm and loyal soul of your Hufflepuff buddy, or the cunning guile of your favorite Slytherin, you’re sure to find something on this list that matches them perfectly.

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10 Books That You Can Easily Finish On Planes // they’re short, witty, and scary

Hello, bookworms of the internet!

Plane rides are long. They can get boring really easily. And if you’ve ever made the mistake of getting onto a plane without a book in hand, you know what I’m talking about. You need books to make a plane ride enjoyable.  

Luckily, I got you covered. You don’t have to be stuck watching the terrible American sitcom pilots, wishing you had something more substantial to keep your brain from wasting away. Instead, you can enjoy some great short books!  

See, long books are great and all, but there’s something about short stories and books that leaves you completely enraptured from beginning to end. And an airplane is weirdly the perfect reading spot, too: you’re literally miles above the rest of the world, strapped to a chair, with no distractions except the one year old wailing directly in your ear.

Here are a few short, brilliant books you can easily finish in a plane ride.

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