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WSC Vietnam (Day 4)

Hello you wonderful citizens of the internet!

Today was the busiest and most nerve-wracking day of them all. I am so glad it’s finally over. But it was really fun and energetic, too. 🙂

So we got up at like 5:30 and went for breakfast at around 6:00. The bus took us to one of the schools in Vietnam, where the different events throughout the day would take place. We were in T36 Penguin, which meant that we were at the primary school and had our debates first.

The first event for everyone was the Scholar’s Challenge: it’s basically a multiple-choice test with really hard questions. But since this is the WSC, there’s a slight alpaca-twist: you know when you’re stuck between A and B and want to choose both but you can’t? Well in this test you can. You can pick more than one option, and you’ll get points if they’re right! Of course, you’ll get less points – but it’s better than nothing.  Continue reading “WSC Vietnam (Day 4)”

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Hello, people of the internet!

Hello, internet!

My name is Aris (pronounced like Keris but with 50% more AYYYY) and I have decided to start a blog.

This blog.

Why, you might ask?

Well, you know when you shake a can of Coke, and its just fizzing and bursting to come out? That’s kind of how I feel right now. I have a gazillion random things bottled up inside of me, and if I tell anyone, they will judge me and I will lose friends (not that I had many to begin with, anyway).

So I decided to create my own little corner of the Internet, where I can post things about anything and everything – without having to worry about people judging me or making fun of me or losing friends.

Because I can’t be the only one who feels that way, right? I secretly have this dream that everyone suffers the same problems. And then one day, everyone will realise that they’re the same, and they’ll stop pretending.

Until then, this blog can be a platform for all of us to discuss our problems. And also fangirl over some stuff. Because I am huge fangirl. 🙂

~awkwardaris, going offline

P.S: I’m sorry that it was so awkward! I’m not good at introductions. I’m cringing at reading what I just wrote. But, please – stick with me. It gets better, I promise.