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The Rising Author Tag! // ft. embarrassing stories from my past + strange writing habits

Hello, fellow writers of the internet!

To be honest, I don’t think I’m a rising author. (I don’t think I’m a rising anything.) But by some strange twist of fate, I have been nominated for this amazing tag?? By TWO fabulous people, no less. I feel so,, blessed :’)) A GIGANTIC THANK YOU TO BOTH THE STORY SPONGE AND KATIE!!! go follow them pls they’re both great humans.

A word of caution: extreme levels of cringe up ahead. Do not proceed if you cannot handle the terrible writings of six-year-old Aris. You have been warned.

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Pros and Cons of Outlines: How to Plan Your Novel Smartly // + IMPORTANT UPDATES!

damn that’s been my longest title yet

Hello, fellow writers of the internet!

NOVEMBER IS UPON US.  And November = NaNoWriMo. We’re already midway (I’m pretty late haha) BUT I’M STILL GOING TO POST THIS SO :P.

Let’s start straight off the bat.  I HATE OUTLINES.  I’m not trying to discourage anyone from using them! If that’s your thing, go ahead. Bullet points. Spreadsheets. Every teeny detail mapped out. (Bleurgh.) But you gotta admit, there are better alternatives to outlining novels.

What? You don’t know any? Ehhh. Well, I’m about to fix that: here, I’ll be listing all the pros and cons of outlining  (so you can decide for yourself whether you want to outline your novel or not), plus I’ll be discussing  two other alternative methods to plan your novel. AND THERE WILL BE IMPORTANT LIFE UPDATES. Buckle up, and get ready for a hell of a long blog post. (This is to make up for my absence sorry!!)

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The Sunshine Blogger Award

okay before we start i have a couple things to address:

    Is he cute or what??? His name is Jonathan Levi Laurens (what are you talking about I totally didn’t name him after John Laurens psshh who even is that guy) but I usually just call him Levi. :3 Also we like qualified for Yale so that!!! 😀
  2. Sorry for not posting in so long 😦 I had that kind of writer’s block where you’re like “i have so many things i want to write but i’m too lazy”. it’s the worst kind tbh.
  3. And as of 5th July, I am officially thirteen!! Dear god I sound so young. I may be only 13 but my mind is older, ok? (btw happy 4th to you Americans!)

Now onward with the post!

Hello, citizens of planet Internet!

And it turns out my blog is good enough for two awards?? This is my second award and I am so happy I could burst. I was nominated for this by the wonderful Kawther, from the Villain Library (her blog is amazing; she loves villains – if you couldn’t tell – and her posts are always really interesting! 🙂 )  Continue reading “The Sunshine Blogger Award”

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Books unwritten

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Hello, people of the internet!

And oh my lord, I underestimated 8th grade.

We’re getting double the amount of homework (“to prepare us for higher grades”, apparently. Ugh.) and the most complicated chapters ever (math was bad enough before, but now? And history? I DIDN’T ASK FOR THIS.)

But don’t worry, I didn’t write this post just to complain. I’m also doing a lot of extra-curricular stuff – our school is hosting the regional round of the World Scholar’s Cup in India; it’s this learning event with a bunch of things like debate, writing, etc. It sounds awesome, so Onyx and I have decided to participate in the competition. Only problem – it’s on 1st May, seventeen days from now – and we only found out today. So I need to a lot of research.

I’ll be posting a little less regularly now, but don’t worry – I still will. So for now, enjoy something I wrote for English homework (hey, I was running out of ideas! and time.)

Books unwritten

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