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Words can make us, or break us.

They can hurt, and they can heal.

They can hate, and they can love.

To me, every word is a knife.




Words created me, and now they will break me. Continue reading “Words”

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Books unwritten

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Hello, people of the internet!

And oh my lord, I underestimated 8th grade.

We’re getting double the amount of homework (“to prepare us for higher grades”, apparently. Ugh.) and the most complicated chapters ever (math was bad enough before, but now? And history? I DIDN’T ASK FOR THIS.)

But don’t worry, I didn’t write this post just to complain. I’m also doing a lot of extra-curricular stuff – our school is hosting the regional round of the World Scholar’s Cup in India; it’s this learning event with a bunch of things like debate, writing, etc. It sounds awesome, so Onyx and I have decided to participate in the competition. Only problem – it’s on 1st May, seventeen days from now – and we only found out today. So I need to a lot of research.

I’ll be posting a little less regularly now, but don’t worry – I still will. So for now, enjoy something I wrote for English homework (hey, I was running out of ideas! and time.)

Books unwritten

Humans are like books, with their pages of life waiting to be filled. Continue reading “Books unwritten”