Entries for CPC! // Team Lavender

Hello, people of the internet!

So, I’ve taken part in the amazing  Cameras and Pens Challenge  hosted by Carol @ Peeking Through the Kaleidoscope! We get a series of prompts, to which we have to write a story or poem. For extra points, we can also submit a drawing, or a photo (it is the cameras and pens challenge). There are three teams (all flower names) and I’m  Team Lavender!


So, let’s get cracking onto my submissions for the challenge!

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challenge one


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 “Do you even know how to do this?!”
“I don’t know. I’ve never tried to kidnap and hold someone underwater before.”

The lone bicycle stood on the pier, the epitome of solidarity and independence. The scene was a peaceful one, the gentle lapping of waves providing a comforting effect. Anyone lucky enough to be near the sea at that moment would have felt happy, and content.

That is, until a scream pierced the evening sky.

Zhoe quickly covered the boy’s mouth with his hand. This muffled the scream, but didn’t stop it completely. His companion glared daggers at him – “Do you even know how to do this?”

Annoyed, Zhoe shrugged. “I don’t know. I’ve never tried to kidnap and hold someone underwater before.”

His companion – Arabel – sighed. “We’re not kidnapping the human! We just need to make sure he doesn’t remember us. Plus, we live in the ocean. What do you mean you don’t know how to hold someone underwater?”

“Humans are weird, okay? They don’t have gills and I don’t want this one to die because he suffocated in water.”

Arabel just rolled her eyes at her brother’s stupidity. She did not want her parents to find out about their little… excursion to the pier. Normally, they wouldn’t even be allowed to leave the house. But her parents had gone to the other end of the sea to visit a sick friend – and Arabel wasn’t going to let the opportunity go to waste. She dragged Zhoe with her, all the way to the little alcove under the bridge. Of course, because of her wonderful luck, she just had to have been caught by some stupid human boy who had nothing to do with anything. Well, she wasn’t going to let him win. She would figure out a way to wipe his memory, even though that was advanced magic which they hadn’t covered in class yet. Arabel would figure it out, because that was what Arabel did.

Plus some extra photos:







I love beaches. 

going offline, aris


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